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Yesterday we hosted our inaugural HealthTech Jeopardy! tournament at 500 Startups. With our demo day right around the corner, we held a single round of Jeopardy! with Final Jeopardy! at the end. At stake was a $500 donation that Paubox will make to the charity of the winner's choice.


HealthTech Jeopardy! Game Format:

The format was similar to Jeopardy! i.e., contestants were presented with clues in the form of answers and must phrase their responses in the form of questions. The general topic was Digital Health / HealthTech.


HealthTech Jeopardy! Contestants:

Contestants were fellow digital health companies from our Batch 18 at 500 Startups: Leapcure: Optimizely for Clinical Trial Recruitment.


HealthTech Jeopardy! at 500 Startups - Leapcure


Level Therapy: Moving therapy to balance your life.


HealthTech Jeopardy! at 500 Startups - Level Therapy


Hello Arthur: Connected medication platform.

HealthTech Jeopardy! at 500 Startups - Hello Arthur (formerly Pillsy)

Siren Care: Smart textiles to help people make informed decisions about their health!


HealthTech Jeopardy! at 500 Startups - Siren Care


Zentist: Find high-quality and affordable dental care.


HealthTech Jeopardy! at 500 Startups - Zentist



Food and Beverages for HealthTech Jeopardy!:

As is our habit, ono Hawaiian food from Grindz Restaurant was served, as well as beverages. This time we got tofu musubi for our vegetarian guests. I hear it was pretty good. Big mahalo to Grindz owner Brad Lum!

HealthTech Jeopardy! at 500 Startups - Paubox

HealthTech Jeopardy! Music:

We asked Sam Gribben, Audiophile, Chill Kiwi and Founder CEO of Melodics, to help us get the music hooked up. It turned out to be a lot easier than we imagined. Thus the laughter :) Sam Gribben CEO of Melodics - 500 Startups and Paubox

HealthTech Jeopardy! Networking:

If you look carefully, this picture was taken a few minutes before Sam got the music working. Check out Tyler Dornenburg of Leapcure and Coley Williams of Level Therapy in the background trying to get it working :P HealthTech Jeopardy! at 500 Startups - Paubox

HealthTech Jeopardy! Panel:

I was the host and did a poor Alex Trebek / Will Ferrell impersonation. I must admit, it was very fun being a game show host. Here's the HealthTech Jeopardy! panel from where I was standing. (left to right) Manny from Zentist, Tyler from Leapcure, Colely from Level Therapy, Veronica from Siren Care, and Otto from Hello Arthur (formerly Pillsy). HealthTech Jeopardy! at 500 Startups - Paubox

HealthTech Jeopardy! Winner:

The game came right down the wire. Team Hello Arthur (Otto) beat out Team Level Therapy (Colely) by one dollar. Good times! PS- We are waiting to hear from Hello Arthur on the charity they'd like to donate their $500 prize to. Pillsy wins HealthTech Jeopardy at 500 Startups - Paubox
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