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Is Google 2-step verification compatible with Paubox?

Is Google 2-step verification compatible with Paubox?

We spoke to a prospect recently who asked us how Paubox integrates with 2-Factor Authentication methods for various email platforms. One of the most popular business emails that Paubox integrates with is Google Workspace. As we've written about before, Google Workspace can be made fully HIPAA compliant when integrated with Paubox. But how do you make sure your Google Workspace account itself is secure?


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Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for the win

Choosing the right authentication type is one of the most important things healthcare organizations can do. Single factor authentication is a process that uses one of the three factors (i.e. something you know, are, or have) to attain authentication. For example, password is something you know and is the only factor that would be required to authenticate a person or program. This would be considered a single factor authentication. But multi-factor authentication (like 2FA) uses two or more factors to succeed authentication. For example, a private key on a smart card that is activated by a person fingerprint is considered a multi-factor token. The smart card is something you have, and something you are (the fingerprint) is necessary to activate the token (private key). Obviously, 2FA is a better option if you can implement it. Thankfully Google makes it easy to enable 2FA.


Enabling 2FA in Google Workspace and Paubox

Any admin of your Google Workspace setup can easily enable 2FA for your domain. Google put together this handy checklist that walks you through the setup. Once you have 2FA setup and rolled out for your users, you're already done! There are no extra steps needed to enable Paubox with your new 2FA in Google Workspace. Instead Paubox seamlessly continues to work in the background making sure all sent emails are secure and HIPAA compliant. With the setup this easy, if you're using Google Workspace for your organization, it's highly recommended that you enable 2FA.

Conclusion: Yes, Google Two-Step Authentication is compatible with Paubox.


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