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I was asked to give a ten minute TED Talk-like speech on my Innovation Journey at the Third Annual Future Focus conference this week in Honolulu. As I would discover when I looked it up, the Innovation Journey consists of a nonlinear cycle of divergent and convergent activities that may repeat in unpredictable ways over time. Research findings suggest that entrepreneurs and managers cannot control innovation success, only its odds by developing and practicing skills for traversing the obstacles encountered in divergent and convergent cycles of the journey.

Click here to view my presentation deck. Future Focus: My TED Talk speech - Hoala Greevy, Paubox


About Future Focus

Future Focus: My TED Talk speech - Hoala Greevy, Paubox

Future Focus is the Hawaii Innovation Initiative’s Forum on Astronomy, Space Exploration, and Cybersecurity. Now in its third year, the conference focuses on emerging technologies, federal resources and opportunities that are available in Hawaii’s innovation ecosystem.


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