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Happy holidays from Waikiki!

My last book recommendation post was back in 2018.  I decided today is as good a time as any other to write a blog post on books I've read so far this winter.

If you're in tech, this book recommendation list is for you.

Without further ado, here are four books I've read so far this winter. They are listed in the order I’m holding them in the picture above.


Four business books I recommend reading this winter


Product-Led Growth by Wes Bush. This book was recommended to me by Anna Talerico and Brittany Patterson of Arthur Ventures. We're already doing quite a few product-led concepts laid out in the book, with plans to do a lot more in 2023. I especially liked Part III: Ignite Your Growth Engine, where Wes got into finer detail on product-led growth tactics.

See also: Product-Led Growth by Wes Bush: My Takeaways

The Rise of the Rest by Steve Case. I wrote a post on Steve's first book, The Third Wave, back in 2016. The Rise of the Rest is a look at what happened in tech outside of Silicon Valley since then. I noticed in both books that Hawaii, where Steve and I grew up, is essentially alluded to as a cautionary tale. I think there's a lot to unpack there.

Accidental Czar by Andrew S. Weiss and Brian "Box" Brown. Between Freezing Order by Bill Browder and this book, readers outside the former U.S.S.R. can get a much better understanding of how Vladimir Putin’s Russia truly works. Accidental Czar is written in a comic book format, which I found to be original and clever.

Production-Ready Microservices by Susan J. Fowler. We spent a good part of our inaugural Paubox Engineering Summit covering the concepts in this book. I found the book to be organized, thoughtful, and relevant to our current journey towards becoming the market leader for HIPAA compliant communication.


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