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ERP services and HIPAA

ERP services and HIPAA

In healthcare, providers often deal with multiple departments, such as finance, supply chain, human resources, and patient care. An ERP system can centralize and automate these processes, enabling efficient management of resources, improved coordination, and enhanced communication across departments. 


What are enterprise resource planning services? 

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) services refer to the range of professional services provided by ERP vendors, consultants, or implementation partners to assist organizations in implementing, customizing, managing, and optimizing an ERP system. ERP services are designed to support organizations throughout the entire ERP lifecycle, from planning and selection to implementation, training, maintenance, and ongoing support.

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ERP functions and healthcare organizations

ERP Consulting

In healthcare, consultants assist in designing the system architecture, determining the modules required (such as finance, supply chain, and patient management), and developing implementation strategies that address healthcare-specific challenges.


ERP Customization

ERP customization in healthcare can involve tailoring the system to align with healthcare regulations such as HIPAA and compliance requirements, adapting the system to support clinical workflows, developing specific modules for specialized services (e.g., radiology or pharmacy management), or integrating the ERP with third-party healthcare applications (e.g., telemedicine platforms).


ERP Training

Healthcare organizations must ensure that their staff, including healthcare professionals, administrators, and IT personnel, are proficient in using and managing the ERP system. ERP training services in healthcare provide on-site or remote training sessions, user manuals, e-learning modules, and ongoing support.


ERP Performance Optimization

Healthcare organizations rely on the optimal performance of their ERP systems to deliver efficient patient care. ERP performance optimization services analyze and improve the system's performance, scalability, and efficiency. 

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What to look for in an ERP service

First, request and review the ERP service provider's HIPAA policies and procedures. There should be adequate policies that align with HIPAA's Security rule safeguards, and the requirements for the privacy of PHI are set by the Privacy rule. As healthcare organizations typically share PHI with ERP service providers and ensure that a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is in place with the service you choose. This BAA is a legally binding contract that outlines the responsibilities of the ERP service provider in protecting PHI and complying with HIPAA requirements.

Understanding the ERP service provider's incident response and reporting procedures is also necessary. They should have processes to promptly identify, report, and mitigate any security incidents or breaches involving PHI.


Risks healthcare providers could face by using ERP services

One of the significant risks is the potential for data breaches. If an ERP system is not properly secured or there are vulnerabilities in the implementation, it could lead to unauthorized access or disclosure of sensitive patient data. Furthermore, if the ERP service experiences frequent downtime and performance issues or becomes unavailable, it can disrupt business operations.

This all ties into an increased dependence on the ERP system leading to impacts on patient care and financial losses. ERP services that do not offer the necessary customization options or scalability to accommodate the specific needs of a healthcare organization may not effectively support the unique workflows or growth of healthcare organizations of various sizes.

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