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Today we took a bold step towards clamping down on deadly macro email attachments. As we previously mentioned back in April, we believe the future of email does not include the practice of sending email attachments containing macros. As such, we've been closely monitoring Ransomware and other macro-laded email threats.

We've reached the conclusion that the business downsides affiliated with attachments containing macros now outweigh its business benefits. Similar to how people got used to not sending EXE files via email in the early 2000s, we believe the same is true for sending macros via email. In a nutshell, as of today Paubox now automatically places any incoming email containing a macro in the Paubox Quarantine.


What is a Macro?

A good way to think about a macro is that it's a series of commands and instructions that you group together as a single command to accomplish a task automatically. In the past, macros have been used in Microsoft Office documents to speed up repetitive tasks. Lately however, they have served as a conduit for Ransomware attacks. We'll be monitoring the situation closely over the next few weeks.


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