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Jason Sewell and Russel Cheng

On Thursday I drove to the Manoa Innovation Center (MIC) to visit Russel Cheng and the folks at DevLeague. One of our newest hires, Renee Char, is a DevLeague graduate and we are very happy with her work.

DevLeague is now one of the largest tenants at the MIC. Here are some of my takeaways from my meeting with Russel Cheng:

  • "We're about workforce development."
  • Russel is also a McKinley High School graduate.
  • They are looking to provide teacher training for software development.
  • "Motivation, attitude, aptitude. You gotta bring that."
  • "It's about the mentorship and the community."
  • Only 22% of Americans have college degrees.
  • DevLeague has interviewed over 650 applicants so far.
  • 83% of DevLeague graduates get jobs within 180 days.
  • DevLeague's biggest needs: Finding students and finding instructors.


Russel Cheng, DevLeague - Paubox


About DevLeague

 Russel Cheng, DevLeague - Paubox DevLeague getting their bacon.

DevLeague is Hawaii`s premier accelerated learning bootcamp. Located at the Manoa Innovation Center, they offer intense curriculum and intimate mentorship. They've also built an Employer Network of over 70 companies that are looking for the best and brightest graduates. We are proud to say we are one of them =)


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