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AutoCorrect enabled for contacts added to Paubox Marketing

AutoCorrect enabled for contacts added to Paubox Marketing

Based on customer feedback, today we unveiled a feature add to Paubox Marketing: AutoCorrect for contact uploads.

What's happening: By default, contacts uploaded to Paubox Marketing will now autocorrect the following typos:

  • If there's a trailing space after an email address, it will be removed. For example, ' ' => ''
  • If the email address has two @ symbols, the extra @ will be stripped. For example, '' => ''


Why it matters: Customer feedback is part of the Paubox Foundations, which are principles and values we care intensely about.

By the numbers: For enterprise customers with one million or more contacts, even with typos in 0.01% of their contact list means someone has to do 10,000 manual edits.

For obvious typos like extra spaces and extra @ symbols, it's an easy answer- let's fix it automatically for our customers.

For example, you can use the Paubox Marketing API to upload contacts in large volumes, with the AutoCorrect feature enabled by default. The same is true for uploading contacts via CSV files.


The bottom line: We use customer feedback as our roadmap of what to build and when to build it. Today's feature release is another demonstration of that.


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