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The opening session from Paubox SUMMIT 2021: Secure Communication During a Pandemic. Pande is the vice president and chief technology officer of Stanford Children’s Health, the only healthcare system in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to pediatric and obstetric care. It is also one of the few in the country. As CTO, Pande is responsible for all aspects of technology selection, deployment, and delivery for Children’s Health.

Pande explores what digital transformation means in a post-pandemic world and how organizations worldwide can focus on technology as a support rather than a crutch.



Anshul Pande: You know, yesterday, I was talking to my daughter, and we were talking about the Gregorian calendar. And of course, when I mentioned the Gregorian calendar she brought up before common era and common era as the terms of division of time. And I had no idea that the term changed, you know, I grew up with before Christ and Anna Domini.

And so it was, it was just fascinating this entire discussion. And what made me realize was that our generation will be defined by the four COVID and the COVID era, because quite a bit changed because of this one virus. And what a year it was, right?

These are the stories we will probably tell our grandkids that we lived through a global pandemic, and survived it through shutdowns, having to work from home, having to teach our kids at home. And I think we appreciated the teachers a lot more because of that, travel restrictions, the economy was in tatters.

We lost friends and family members. I think mental abuse and substance abuse was really, really high.

And we had a much higher loss. Because of those things. Things we did to do unwinding at the end of the day or the end of the week. We’re just impossible, right? We couldn’t, so we had to socially distance, we couldn’t see aging parents, or colleagues and friends. We couldn’t work out in a gym, or watch a sport or a movie. At a theater.

Our supply chain was disrupted. And this was the first time we had to rethink what global supply chains mean, and how to respond to pandemics during global supply chains. The early indicator was the PP shortage because almost all of the PPS were made outside of the country.

And then the digital divide right as we moved more things to be done digitally. The big realization was that there were the haves and the have nots, those who had gigabit pipes and those who did not. And it had deep implications in terms of how they can attract and engage in a really digital economy. And I’m not even getting into the politics, because it was a crummy year from that perspective.

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