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Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack - Keynote speech during Paubox SECURE

Last week we held our inaugural Paubox SECURE Conference in San Francisco. We chose Cowell Theater in the Marina as our venue. It afforded majestic views of Alcatraz Island, the Golden Gate Bridge and Sausalito. It was an auspicious day for us and one we will not soon forget. After opening remarks by our CMO Rick Kuwahara, I got up on stage and presented my keynote speech: The Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack.


The Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack


I separated my keynote into three sections:
  1. Trends We Saw in 2017
  2. Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack
  3. Trend Forecast for 2018

Within each section, I sub-divided each into three sub-sections. For Trends We Saw in 2017, my sub-categories were:


  • Email Breaches
  • HIPAA Fines
  • Ransomware


Then for Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack, the sub-sections were:
  • Why is it so Effective?
  • The 3 Stages of Ransomware
  • How Do We Stop it?


As for the Trend Forecast for 2018, I broke that section into:
  • Email Remains Top Dog
  • Portals Continue to Suck
  • Ample Market Opportunity


You can view the slide deck here.


Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack - Paubox SECURE Conference - Keynote by Hoala Greevy


About Paubox SECURE


Paubox SECURE was a new type of digital health security conference, bringing together leaders in healthcare, cybersecurity and innovation in a unique event to drive learning and discussion around the challenges of IT security in healthcare.

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