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An evening with Nainoa Thompson in San Francisco

An evening with Nainoa Thompson in San Francisco

Earlier this week I attended "An Evening with Pwo Navigator Nainoa Thompsom" in San Francisco.

What's happening: Via an email newsletter from the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce of Northern California, I found out Nainoa would be speaking at the Herbst Theatre on Tuesday.

My takeaways: 

  • Nainoa is one of four Pwo in Hawaii
  • Referred to Herb Kane as the dreamer
  • Herb Kane was the first captain of the Hokulea
  • Nainoa reflecting on his teacher, Mau Piailug.: "Mau didn' t like maps."
  • There are 22,500 fluent ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi speakers now
  • During its first journey, Mau was on the Hokulea for only the trip to Papeete. He did not join them on the way back to Honolulu.
  • Hokulea was originally constructed for one journey
  • "There was a vision for a second voyage."
  • 1978 was the second voyage. "We didn't prepare well."
  • "Eddie Aikau was the true hero."
  • "Eddie Aikau, I would say, was the most respected person in the state of Hawaii."
  • "Every cell in that man's body was engineered to save that race." Nainoa on Eddie.
  • Nainoa's dad was a social worker by trade
  • Nainoa was a commercial fisherman in his youth
  • Mau trained Nainoa for 28 months as a navigator 
  • "Never let your crew members know you're scared." Mau
  • 1980 was the third voyage. That time, Mau was there for both legs.
  • "There's no difference between Mau and the wave." Nainoa on Mau's connection to the ocean.
  • In the early nineties, Nainoa became close friends with NASA astronaut Lacy Veach
  • On his death bed, Lacy asked Nainoa to promise him to sail the Hokulea around the world.
  • The current journey, Moananuiākea: 43,000 miles in 47 months. It started in April 2022.
  • After his dad passed away, Byron Mallott became Nainoa's mentor. 

Why it matters: The last time the Hokulea was in San Francisco was back in 1995. Plus too, my mom would be nuha if I never go see Nainoa talk.

The bottom line: The Hokulea is Hawaii's ambassador to the world. A wa‘a kaulua we can all be proud of. 

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Enjoy the pics!



Nainoa Thompson and his dad


Nainoa and Eric Tao (HCCNC President)


Nainoa and the Hokulea at Kualoa Beach, Oahu


Great catching up with the HCCNC crew


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