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Adviser meeting with Geoff Clapp at SOMA Restaurant and Bar

Adviser meeting with Geoff Clapp at SOMA Restaurant and Bar

Last Friday I caught up with our adviser Geoff Clapp. We had originally planned to meet at 500 Startups but we opted for pau hana down the block at SOMA Restaurant and Bar instead. During our meeting, I got an automated email that signaled we signed up a customer in Anchorage, AK. That was quite a moment, because it meant we now had customers in all 50 states. Our HIPAA email solution is now across the nation.

We have a community service event in mind that ties into having customers in 50 states. I'm looking forward to it. Geoff was all smiles upon hearing the news and we had a beverage to celebrate the moment. We also discussed fundraising strategies, enterprise customers, projections, and family.

Geoff is a firm student of the Zig Ziglar maxim: Get up. Dress up. Show up. And never give up.


Geoff Clapp Takeaways

  • Focus on operational efficiency to save revenue when talking to enterprise prospects.
  • 2017 Health Datapalooza - Go check it out.
  • "99% of this stuff is just showing up."
  • "Be present. Hear people's problems."
  • Devin McGraw, top HIPAA lawyer. Reach out to her.
  • Loves HIPAA Center.
  • Layer in more people to HIPAA Center.
  • Making HIPAA approachable and fun is part of the Paubox brand.


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