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I attended a panel at ViVE 2022 today called, "Addressing Healthcare Security as a Patient Safety Risk." The speakers were:


  • Jessica Davis, Healthcare Editor, SC Media (Moderator)
  • Errol Weiss, H-ISAC Chief Security Officer
  • Carter Groome, First Health Advisory CEO
  • Michael Parisi, Vice President of Adoption, HITRUST


My takeaways


  • "I can't think of a bigger risk than the loss of human life… What are the threats that are connected to the loss of human life?" (Michael Parisi)
  • Errol Weiss has been hearing geo IP blocking come up more since the Russian invasion of Ukraine
  • Organizations need to pivot and be adaptive to adopting a threat
  • "Vendor management is definitely a major issue" (Jessica Davis)
  • "This is in my view the biggest risk we have going forward" Carter Groome re: supply chain security risks
  • "All vendors are third parties, but not all third parties are vendors" (Parisi)
  • Carter recommends having an internal discussion beforehand whether or not your organization is willing to pay a ransomware attacker
  • "There's so much waste occurring in healthcare," Michael Parisi re: unnecessary security questionnaires being forced upon third parties by healthcare organizations
  • "It baffles my mind why shared assessments have not taken off" (Weiss)
  • "We've been talking about awareness for so long, but you just can't stop" Carter Groome re: security awareness
  • "Email encryption, why is that so difficult?" (Parisi)
  • There's really only one seamless email encryption provider. (Parisi)
  • On the surface it sounds like a really great idea but in practice, it's really hard to do." Carter Groome re: zero trust security and application whitelisting


About ViVE 2022 Miami Beach

ViVE 2022 - Event logo in lobby

ViVE is the industry’s new Health Information Technology event. It merges leadership of CHiME and the digital marketplace of HLTH to create a technology-focused event on the business of healthcare systems.

The conference aims to bring together C-suite executives, senior digital health leaders and buyers, health startups and investors, government and solution providers to advance healthcare. We estimate there are 4k+ attendees, 300+ sponsors and 250+ speakers.


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