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After meeting Aadli Abdul-Kareem at HIMSS18 last week, I mentioned to him I'd be in the Washington DC area this week to speak at the FISSEA conference at NIST. Sure enough, we caught up yesterday at Tryst, a cool coffeehouse in NW DC. Here are my takeaways from speaking with Aadli Abdul-Kareem, Co-Founder of Electronic Health Network:
  • Founded Electronic Health Network (EHN) in 2007.
  • Aadli is an interop expert.
  • Likes working with athenahealth.
  • EHN has an application partner network.
  • "No one likes plumbing but everyone needs it."
  • Shares my disdain for DIRECT.
  • EHN looks for go to market partners.



Aadli Abdul-Kareem: Catching up at Tryst - Paubox Tryst stands in the center of the nation’s capital and prides itself on having outstanding specialty coffee, craft cocktails, and a commitment to being the city’s ‘third place.' Their signature touch is including animal crackers with each drink. You can see them next to Aadli's tea cup in the picture above.


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