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This article delves into the latest email marketing statistics specific to the healthcare industry. From open rates to engagement metrics, we will look at key insights that shape successful email campaigns in healthcare.


What is the average open rate for healthcare-related email campaigns?

The average open rate for healthcare-related email campaigns is 41.23%. This rate falls within the mid to high range compared to other industries. Generally, open rates vary depending on factors such as industry, target audience, content relevance, and the sender's reputation.


Which day and time has the highest open and click-through rates for healthcare-related emails?

Tuesdays tend to yield the highest open rates for email marketing campaigns across various industries, including healthcare. However, open rates are not the sole indicator of a successful campaign; it's also necessary to consider click-through and conversion rates to comprehensively understand email campaign performance. For healthcare businesses specifically, it may be beneficial to focus on the following timeframes for email campaigns:

  1. Tuesdays: Aim to send healthcare emails on Tuesdays to potentially achieve higher open rates compared to other weekdays.
  2. Workday Mornings (8 am. and 10 am): Consider sending emails during these hours when people are already at work, and they might be more likely to check their emails and engage with your content.
  3. Afternoon to Early Evening (3 pm to 4 pm): Sending emails during this timeframe could capture the attention of those who are finishing work or checking their emails before winding down for the day.

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How does content type, like educational articles, affect the click-through rate for healthcare email campaigns?

Healthcare services stand at 3.0% open rate, above the broader average of 2.3%. The educational sector and educational content, on the other hand, offer an open rate of 4.4%. While the statistics factor in educational material, it does not fully constitute the intersection between healthcare and educational material. 

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How do email campaigns perform on different devices in the healthcare industry?

Email campaigns' performance on different devices in the healthcare industry is influenced by the significant shift towards mobile internet usage. With more than 50% of internet traffic coming from mobile devices, healthcare marketers need to optimize their email campaigns for mobile devices.


What is the average unsubscribe rate for healthcare emails?

A reasonable unsubscribe rate is less than 0.5% and indicates a healthy email list with engaged subscribers. By actively managing your unsubscribe rate, you can maintain a positive sender reputation and email deliverability.

The average unsubscribe rate for all industries, as observed in 2022 based on the data collected from over a billion emails sent through the platform, is 0.19%. However, for the healthcare industry specifically, the average unsubscribe rate is lower, standing at 0.07%. This suggests that healthcare email campaigns tend to retain subscribers at a higher rate compared to the overall average across industries.

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