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No portals. No plugins. No extra steps.

It shouldn't take seven clicks and a login to read a secure email.

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“There’s no learning curve; you just send email and the magic happens in the IT realm behind the scenes.”
Dave Ledoux
Vice President of Technology Services, Nizhoni Health
Improve Workflows and Lower Costs
It's time to get rid of the fax machine.

Not only is Paubox easier to use, but Paubox has a lower Total Cost of Ownership than a fax machine.

  • Zero-step encryption
  • Works with any device and email client
  • Send secure calendar invites
Trust and Compliance

HITRUST CSF is the gold standard of security frameworks.

  • U.S. Data Centers
  • Blanket TLS Email Encryption
  • Business Associate Agreement provided
Solutions for your most important workflows

The only HIPAA compliant email solution with zero-step encryption on all sent emails. Your staff will love you for it. Your recipients too.

Leverage ExecProtect, our patent-pending technology, to eliminate display name spoofing attacks. Ransomware and phishing protection also included.

Set your own Data Loss Prevention (DLP) rules so no sensitive data gets sent or received.

Archive Inbound and Outbound email for ediscovery and disaster recovery compliance. Archived messages are stored encrypted at-rest.
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