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The Day the Paubox Hoodie Made its Debut

The Paubox hoodie came about because of a community service event we did last Christmas: Aloha to the Mission: 500 Kalua Pig and Rice Bowls. During an overcast and drizzling morning in the Mission district of San Francisco, we gave out 500 Kalua Pig and Rice bowls to the public. We did in part to celebrate our imminent approach to our 500th customer and also to say Aloha to the community. We had lost our office lease and we would soon have to find a new home for Paubox.

During preparation for the event, we planned to place a t-shirt order so we could all have matching Paubox t-shirts to wear. Roger Manson, our Senior Director of Customer Excellence, dropped some sage advice on me, "F@$% that, I'm not wearing a damn t-shirt in this weather. I want a hoodie." "That's a great idea!" I thought. So we placed a small hoodie order for the entire staff. Our CMO, Rick Kuwahara, was not exactly thrilled to learn we blew out our limited swag budget with a single hoodie order. Sure enough, the day came for our event and it started to rain. Although the rain let up just in time for us, it was definitely hoodie weather. We all donned our hoodies and went to work giving free food to the Mission district residents. It was a success. Governor Ige back home in Hawaii gave us a shoutout:

Ron Mizutani mentioned our event in a Midweek article too.

 Paubox Hoodie - To Be Worn With Pride Roger Manson is all smiles with the Paubox Hoodie


Paubox Hoodie Catches On

 Paubox Hoodie - To be Worn with Pride - Jeremiah Grossman Hoodie selfie with security god Jeremiah Grossman

Since then, there isn't a day that goes by where at least one person in the company does not wear the Paubox hoodie to work. For example, I ran into Maui's own Jeremiah Grossman on Market Street during the RSA conference. I took a selfie with him and posted it to Twitter. Sure enough, I was wearing the Paubox hoodie.

 Alex Anderson chillaxin at Covo - Paubox Alex Anderson chillaxin at Covo

Our new home for Paubox is at Covo. Their Lead Community Manager Alex Anderson has been very helpful to us. We gave him a hoodie this week. He's stoked.

 Yuka Nagashima representing on the Google campus - Paubox Yuka Nagashima representing on the Google campus

Yuka Nagashima, president of Astia Access, helped us a ton last year. We shipped her a hoodie and she managed to get a pic with it on the Google campus. Talk about a stealth deployment. Pretty cool stuff =)

 Russel Cheng showing the aloha in Honolulu - Paubox Russel Cheng showing the Aloha in Honolulu

Russel Cheng, co-founder of Dev League, has been sending us stellar developer candidates from Hawaii. We made our first Dev League hire earlier this year and look forward to making more. Mahalo Russel!

 Brett Fink, Partnerships & Business Development at 500 Startups - Paubox Brett Fink, Partnerships & Business Development at 500 Startups

Brett Fink is the Partnerships & Business Development Manager at 500 Startups. Earlier this year we joined the their Perkhub network. We worked with Brett to put together a special offer for all companies that are in the 500 Startups network ( #500Strong). We want to make it easy for startups to use Paubox! As you can see, he was stoked to sport the Paubox hoodie.

 Peter Miller threw his hoodie on with the tags - Paubox Peter Miller threw his hoodie on with the tags

We've been working with Peter Miller of Run8 Patent Group to develop our IP strategy. Peter stopped by a few weeks ago to catch up. The guy was so pumped on the Paubox hoodie he put it on and kept it on. He didn't even bother to remove the tags. Love it!

 Thomas Lee got the special edition #RaiderNation - Paubox

Thomas Lee got the special edition #RaiderNation

My good friend Thomas Lee is a Raiders fan like me. We had an even more limited edition of Paubox #RaiderNation hoodies printed and I made sure to send one to him in Honolulu. Thomas works at Hunt Development and is the Senior Vice President of Development for Hawaii. Sick hoodie!


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