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In the spirit of a thrilling sequel for our first  Paubox Customer Success Road Show, we ventured south to Southern California's Orange County. While there, we visited RSABill, Inc. and spoke with Juli Quinn, the President of RSABill.


Fax machines are still infamously used in healthcare to transmit sensitive information. But if a fax runs out of toner, has a bad drum, or worse - a full memory - what other alternative is there? (Hint: It’s HIPAA compliant email.)


Read the transcript below and watch the full interview here.


Juli Quinn: Fax errors prevented us from receiving important documents from customers



Hoala Greevy: Speaking of, what was your workflow like before Paubox?

Juli Quinn: Being a medical billing service, we’re not on site with our clients, so communication is really important. Some of them I have access directly to their medical records because of EMRs, EHRs. Electronic records now are commonly cloud based, which is great because I can access what I need. Not every practice is on that version so we need communication. I need to be able to ask them I need more information regarding a patient, and that is covered by HIPAA. So I cannot just email my offices anymore without being in Paubox,  which allows us to now be able to ask questions, diagnosis, credit card numbers, whatever we need between us and the office – we can communicate. Before, it was fax machines, and fax machines are great as long as you don't run out of toner, or it doesn't have a bad drum that puts a line down the middle and you can't read all the digits, or it got full memory and you never received a fax that you don't know you didn't receive.

Hoala Greevy: Full memory?

Juli Quinn: Right. Because the fax machine would be so full of waiting faxes coming in, it can only hold a certain amount of memory.

Hoala Greevy: No way.

Juli Quinn: Yes. And so, it catches up with printing, and maybe the last one or two just timed out. And the person sending the fax does not receive any kind of error, they don't have a busy signal, they don’t have anything to say, “Oh my biller didn’t receive this.” But we didn’t receive it.

Hoala Greevy: Wow.

Juli Quinn: And that’s a problem. 1. We didn’t get it and we need it and 2. The customer is not very happy to find out that something that was important was sent to us and it makes us look bad. So email is perfect, you get it, and it's retrievable a second time or a third time if you need to refer back to it, but it has to be HIPAA compliant.


About RSABill

RSABill is a medical billing service consisting of specialty divided teams with staff members that are knowledgeable in each practice's unique codes and processes. They work in groups to ensure every step of the billing process is completed thoroughly.

RSABill is based in the city of Garden Grove in Orange County, California.


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