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Is Beesbusy HIPAA compliant?

by Sara Nguyen

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Beesbusy is a project management software that can track employee time and overall project process. While it could help your healthcare team become more efficient, covered entities should make sure they are using HIPAA compliant vendors.

Read on to learn more about Beesbusy and if it meets HIPAA security standards.

Is Beesbusy HIPAA compliant?

A business associate agreement (BAA) is necessary when covered entities work with third-party vendors that have access or store protected health information (PHI). These third-party vendors are referred to as business associates, and they have the same legal obligations as covered entities to protect PHI.

Covered entities will need a BAA to work with a business associate. The BAA will cover the legal responsibilities of the business associate in regards to keeping PHI secure. If there is no BAA signed, it is not a HIPAA compliant business relationship.

Beesbusy makes no mention of signing a BAA on its website. It also doesn’t say what it does to protect the data it collects. The website doesn’t mention if data is encrypted or what safeguards are implemented to keep data safe from hackers.

It would appear that Beesbusy doesn’t seem to have the appropriate technical safeguards in place. While it’s possible to set up access rights to tasks, this might not be enough to ensure HIPAA security standards.

Beesbusy isn’t HIPAA compliant. The project management software doesn’t seem willing to participate in a BAA, and it doesn’t mention having safeguards like encryption.

Don’t forget HIPAA compliant email

Under the HIPAA Security Rule, covered entities and business associates must have security protocols in place. One of those protocols includes HIPAA compliant email, which ensures that PHI is kept confidential in email correspondence.

Paubox Email Suite can keep your email data safe from unauthorized parties. Our HITRUST CSF certified software automatically encrypts all sent emails to keep PHI safe in email. This way your employees won’t make a mistake and forget to encrypt a sensitive email.

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All of our products include a BAA with no extra cost, so you can rest assured that we are proactively using HIPAA compliance practices.

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