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Why You Should Invest in a Professional Email Address for Your Healthcare Business

by Chloe Bowen

Why You Should Invest in a Professional Email Address for Your Healthcare Business - Paubox

While it can be tempting for small healthcare practices to save money by using a free email address, having a professional address will be well worth the dollars you spend.

Here’s why.

Maintain a professional image

In healthcare as in all businesses, maintaining a professional image is important for building trust with your patients and potential patients.

If someone emails you about your services, responding to them from an email address like looks more legitimate than

Increase trustworthiness

Studies indicate that 75% of people find having a professional email address extremely important for building trust, and 33% doubt the trustworthiness and legitimacy of a company when it uses a personal email address.

Sending email with your business’s domain name shows that your practice is well-established and genuine, which makes it more likely for patients to feel comfortable engaging with you.

Provide a clear link to your website

An email address using your website domain name makes it easy for patients or potential patients to look up your practice for more information.  People will also start to remember the name of your business which builds brand awareness and trust.

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Your professional email also becomes a great marketing asset; any email you send, or any time you leave your contact details with someone, you’re also providing an easy link to your website.

Separate email addresses for everyone on your team

With a professional email address, everyone’s email can have the same domain and be in the same format of your choosing (i.e., or, etc.) which ties everyone together in a consistent, professional way, adding legitimacy to your practice.

Also, if everyone has a separate email address, clients are able to speak to different people about different issues, such as discussing a bill with someone from accounting or scheduling an appointment with a receptionist.

Collaborate with your team

Professional email addresses typically come bundled with other useful features like shared calendars and file storage platforms which make collaborating with your colleagues much easier.

You can send and manage meeting requests, view your colleagues’ calendars and check their availability, and even hold virtual meetings and collaborate on shared documents using these kinds of tools.

Getting started

You don’t need to have a website in order to have a business email with a professional domain (although having a website is useful in its own right).  Many platforms offer standalone email hosting, providing a domain just for email purposes.  The other option is partnering with a web host to provide hosting for both your website and email.

There are many resources to get started with this online.  HubSpot offers a nice overview of how to create a professional email address here.

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What About HIPAA?

Of course, the other concern for covered entities is making sure to only send HIPAA compliant email.

Free email platforms such as Gmail or Hotmail are not HIPAA compliant, which is yet another reason why healthcare providers shouldn’t use them.

This is where Paubox Email Suite comes in.  Once you have your professional email ready to go, you will pay an email provider to use it, such as Google Workspace or Microsoft 365.  Our solution integrates directly with your email provider and encrypts every email you send by default with no change in your email workflow.  Recipients view your emails directly in their inboxes, no password or portal required.


A business email address is important because:

  • It looks professional
  • It’s easy to remember and provides a consistent brand image
  • It helps you earn patient trust by coming across as a legitimate business

While at first you might appear to save money by using a free email address for your practice, you’ll find that it costs you dearly in other ways like client confidence, business credibility, and even in productivity.

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