HIPAA Compliant Email From Paubox

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"The simplicity of Paubox, was that it just works, that it requires no action on an ongoing basis for us or those we email with."

Robert D Heros, MD
Spinal Diagnostics

How many email addresses do you need to secure?

Includes one additional user for free.

Less than 50 cents a day to secure your email.

Frequently asked questions

You’re more expensive than other encryption providers, why is that?
You can find cheaper encryption services than Paubox, but you won’t find a better one. Paubox Encrypted Email provides more value and security than cheap solutions that leave holes in your email security. Your Paubox subscription includes: Easy blanket encryption that works on any device, inbound encryption, protection against SPAM, phishing, and ransomware attacks and 100GB of HIPAA compliant cloud storage (one per account). No additional setup fees or hidden charges. Isn’t your email security worth $0.50 a day per user?
Can I keep my email address?
Yes! If you have a business email address that ends in your business domain (like @yourbusiness.com), you can keep it. Paubox integrates with G Suite, Office 365 and others.
What if I don’t have a business email address?
If you use a consumer email provider, like @gmail.com or @yahoo.com, then Paubox can host your email for you. Consumer solutions are not HIPAA compliant. Just forward your emails to Paubox and create an automated reply message notifying senders that your email address has changed. Don’t worry it’s not as complicated as it sounds and we can help you through it.
How do my recipients know my email is encrypted?
Every email includes an icon and message in the footer identifying that Paubox secured the email. Additionally, recipients can look at the header and see that each relay was secured with 256-bit AES encryption.
What happens if the recipient’s email system doesn’t support TLS encryption?
If a recipient’s mail server is not setup to handle encryption, we convert the message into an encrypted message via a secure https URL. In order for the recipient to view your message, they must either click on the Click here to view or View Message button. If the recipient replies to this message, the reply is always encrypted.
What’s the maximum capacity of my inbox?
10.77 GB
Can I use my smartphone?
Yes, you can use your smartphone and your favorite email apps. Paubox can also easily be setup on tablets and smartwatches.
Are my attachments encrypted?
Yes, all attachments are encrypted.
Are replies to my emails encrypted?
Yes, all replies to your emails will be encrypted in transit.