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Paubox Inbound Security

Stop email threats before they reach your users with advanced email security features like ExecProtect.
HITRUST CSF certified.

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Majority of breaches start with an email

And the attacks are only getting more sophisticated by the minute. Paubox Inbound Security helps prevent email threats before they hit the inbox with robust spam filtering and email security against ransomware, malware, and phishing attacks.

Monitor and manage threats in real-time

Paubox's robust spam filter quickly uses hundreds of checks on each incoming email to protect you against malicious attacks. Admins get access to an intuitive dashboard to monitor and manage quarantined emails and more.

Paubox Admin Panel

Patent-pending protection against spoofing

Display name spoofing has become a headache for every organization and represents 91% of phishing attacks. Paubox's patent-pending ExecProtect feature immediately identifies and quarantines attacks, never letting them get to the inbox.

Learn more about display name spoofing >>

Paubox display name anti-spoofing

Advanced features to stop threats

Paubox Inbound Security is constantly improving and uses new approaches to detecting threats, such as checking senders domain age and leveraging Google's safe browsing API to stay ahead of threats that may not yet be on blacklists.

Paubox Advanced Features

All the compliance you need

We take compliance seriously and have taken the extra step of becoming one of the only encrypted email providers to obtain HITRUST CSF Certification. This means our Encrypted Email solutions have met key regulatory requirements and industry-defined requirements and are appropriately managing risk. Business Associate Agreements are free for all paid customers.


Fully protect your inbox with Paubox

Start Your FREE 14-day trial Pricing starts at $1500/yr, includes 1-time setup fee
Getting onboarded with Paubox was actually amazing - probably the easiest product, and some of the best folks I have ever worked with.
Tony cox

Tony Cox, Chief Information Officer
Henderson Behavioral Health

Features & Benefits


Patent-pending feature stops display name spoofing attacks from reaching users.

Prevent Breaches

Protect against phishing, malware, ransomware and spoofing attacks from compromising your data.

Security Insight

Use real-time stats to gain security insights to recognize trends and training opportunities.

Advanced Features

Take advantage of unique features that leverage Google’s tech & domain age to proactively identify threats.

Simple Administration

Easily view, manage and take action on quarantined emails through a user friendly admin panel.

Business Associate Agreements

Not having a BAA in place with your vendors could have you facing steep fines. Paubox will sign a BAA to make sure you stay HIPAA compliant.

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