Take your patient communication to the next level with Paubox Marketing
Engage with patients through personalized email marketing with a HITRUST CSF certified solution
Personalize your patient outreach
Personalized emails yield a 200% improvement over generic messages

  • Improve patient awareness with HIPAA compliant email marketing
  • Increase patient engagement to deliver quality care
  • Boost patient outcomes with pinpointed messaging
Increase patient engagement
Send secure, personalized emails at scale to achieve value-based care objectives.

  • No programming knowledge required
  • Create personalized emails using our visual composer
  • Deliver email marketing directly to the inbox with our patented email encryption solution
Trust and compliance
HITRUST CSF certified

HITRUST CSF is the gold standard of healthcare security frameworks.

  • U.S. data centers
  • Blanket TLS 1.3 email encryption
  • Business associate agreement provided to all customers
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See how your emails perform with comprehensive email analytics.

Use custom fields to securely store personalized information, including PHI. Paubox Marketing encrypts all data at-rest.

Customize email content for each individual recipient using custom field data. No programming knowledge necessary.

Use our RESTful APIs that are built on HTTPS and return JSON for clear implementation.

“As a clinician in private practice, it’s crucial to have a large-scale marketing and communications ability. Developing ways that you can be consistently in touch with your audience is an important part of that. Because I am so busy meeting with clients every day, I want a way to communicate with my clients and prospective clients in a specific, tailored, efficient way. Paubox Marketing is super great for that.”

TJ Walsh
Founder at TJ Walsh Counseling
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