Paubox Email Suite
The leading HIPAA compliant email service for healthcare providers

Keeping patient data secure and remaining HIPAA compliant is a top concern for healthcare organizations, especially when it comes to email. Paubox Email Suite provides guaranteed encryption so you can rest assured your patient data is protected. 

Our HIPAA compliant email service removes the hassle of portals and passcodes by sending encrypted emails that can be read right in your recipient’s inbox. 

Healthcare email encryption is easy with our patented tools which integrate easily into your existing email system with no training necessary for employees. Paubox HIPAA compliant email service is designed to empower IT and simplify the process for end-users, making the frustrations and vulnerability of emailing PHI a thing of the past. 

Protect your organization inside and out where you’re most vulnerable - email. With Paubox Email Suite Plus or Premium, you have comprehensive inbound and outbound security coverage to keep your email HIPAA compliant

  • Compatible with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Exchange

Superior email security with Paubox HIPAA compliant email service

  • HIPAA compliant: Ensure every email is HIPAA compliant, every time, without the risk of human error
  • Seamless experience: Simplify communication with emails that can be read directly in your patients' inboxes (no portal logins or passwords needed)
  • Easy to implement: Set up Paubox Email Suite in minutes with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Exchange
  • Eliminate the risk of human error: Every email is encrypted by default, eliminating the need to rely on extensive employee training
  • HISTRUST CSF certified: HITRUST CSF certified based on the most rigorous standards of HIPAA compliance
What's included

  • Paubox Email Suite Standard: Default HIPAA compliant email encryption on every email
  • Paubox Email Suite Plus: Standard features and inbound security protection, workflow automation
  • Paubox Email Suite Premium: Plus features and data loss prevention (DLP), email archiving
Protection from email security threats

In addition to HIPAA compliant email encryption on every email, Paubox Email Suite Plus and Premium edition customers receive an additional layer of security with tools to protect them from inbound email threats, including:

  • ExecProtect: Stop display name spoofing in its tracks ExecProtect is our patented secret weapon against display name spoofing attacks, which trick your staff by impersonating colleagues in positions of authority. Due to the ever-increasing number of phishing attacks and the fact that bad actors are increasingly targeting healthcare companies of all sizes, organizations need extra protection against this type of attack. Ensure that your organization is protected from data breaches or theft with ExecProtect.
  • Zero Trust Email: Your best defense is verifying trust Our patent-pending technology leverages a proprietary algorithm to add a personalized layer of authentication to filter out suspicious emails, unique to every customer. 
  • Data loss prevention (DLP): Avoid accidental or malicious data leaks DLP protects data by preventing employees from transmitting or receiving unauthorized PHI.
How does Paubox Email Suite work?

Paubox integrates with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, or Microsoft Exchange. You can send HIPAA compliant emails without having to change your email behavior.

  • A message is sent via your email platform. Each email is encrypted by default, without any action by the sender.
  • Paubox checks that the recipient can accept emails encrypted with TLS 1.2 or higher (standard encryption). 
  • If so, the email is delivered straight to the inbox and received like an ordinary email.
  • If a recipient doesn't support encryption, they can access your message via a secure weblink with one click.
Workflow automation
Email integrations that automate work

Leverage custom or pre-built workflow automation tools to automate mundane, time-consuming tasks for your staff and improve business efficiency.

  • Pre-built automation
  • HIPAA compliant voicemail transcription
  • Secure contact or patient intake forms
  • Custom automations
  • We’ll work with your team to identify and build automations to save your employees time
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“There’s no learning curve; you just send email and the magic happens in the IT realm behind the scenes.”

Dave Ledoux
CIO at Innovive Health

Paubox Email Suite is the #1-rated email encryption software.

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