Branded Storage

HIPAA compliant file sharing and cloud storage

Secure file sharing the way it should be

Email stack

Built on customer feedback. Keep control over every file. Gain peace of mind knowing your files are secure

Features & Benefits

Unlimited Bandwidth

Don’t get slowed down when uploading or sharing large files. Paubox allows for unlimited bandwidth and file sharing.

Complete Control

Paubox allows you to manage who can access and edit your files and folders, including encrypted and revocable messaging.


Not only are files secure at rest and in transit with 256-bit AES encryption, but files are scanned for malware and viruses when uploaded.

Your Branding

Customize your account with your logo and backgrounds.

Business Associate Agreements

Not having a BAA in place with your vendors could have you facing steep fines. Paubox will sign a BAA to make sure you stay HIPAA compliant.

No Risk

Every Paubox product comes with a no risk, free 14-day trial.

Professionals use Paubox

Dr. Jim Ellis

We now utilize our normal email workflow to communicate with our referring doctors about their patients’ treatment. The information is instantaneous, convenient and most importantly secure.

Dr. Jim Ellis, Owner/Surgeon
Ellis Oral Surgery

Katie McBride

Paubox has allowed me freedom to communicate directly and more broadly with my psychotherapy clients and with other related professionals. With its seamless email encryption and keeping my own email address, Paubox has given me peace of mind.

Katie McBride, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Bhupendra Sheoran

Once we did our due diligence, there was no doubt we would go with Paubox

Bhupendra Sheoran, Executive Director

Bonnie Castonguay

We’re better now because we’re protecting our clients’ information.

Bonnie Castonguay, RN Co-Founder
Hookele Health Navigators