What is a mobile device management system?

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A mobile device management (MDM) system allows IT departments to control employees’ smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices from one central location. This process helps keep the company network secure while improving flexibility and productivity. The pandemic permanently shifted the way we work and has exponentially added responsibilities for IT, especially healthcare IT.

Keep reading to learn more about the importance of mobile device management systems and how they work.

Plus, find out:

  1. How to strengthen protection across your healthcare organization with a HIPAA compliant email provider.
  2. How IT can automate voicemail transcription into HIPAA compliant email.

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What are Paubox Forms? How can they help my business?

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Simplify administrative tasks with Paubox Forms

Have you noticed a new section in your Paubox dashboard? We’ve added a nesting menu called “Workflow Automation.” If you expand that option, you’ll see “Paubox Forms.” This offering replaces our legacy product, Encrypted Forms. Customers already have access to a free one: the secure contact form. Paubox has developed automated workflow solutions for healthcare leveraging our forms. Paubox forms can simplify management of your practice, from reducing physical paperwork to streamlining electronic file management.

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Go above and beyond HIPAA due diligence with voicemail transcription

Convention breakout session, many people seated at tables with a projector screen in the background, speaker is in the foreground
Tony Cox chats with Hoala Greevy about workflow automation solutions at the Florida Behavioral Heath Admin Forum.

“I’m doing the best I can to prevent any type of data loss.”

The rise of remote work and impact of COVID-19 on healthcare staffing have created new data vulnerabilities. Employees complete work on the go, while in line for groceries, commuting, or getting coffee. When people are short on time, they make mistakes. An administrator listening to voicemails on speakerphone in public, for instance, could put client health data at risk. That potential HIPAA violation led Henderson Behavioral Health’s CIO Tony Cox to search for a solution. “I’m doing the best I can to prevent any type of data loss,” Cox shared. He was one of the first customers to implement Paubox’s voicemail transcription bot and provided a customer story for our website last month.

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Decrease patient no-shows with automated appointment reminders

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You can spend more time relaxing with automated appointment reminders.

Missed appointments cost the U.S. economy over $150 billion annually

A single missed appointment can cause a huge headache in healthcare scheduling. Even worse, it costs the organization money. While many providers charge a fee when a patient no-shows to make up lost revenue, that practice can backfire. Administrators looking to reduce no-show rates spend hours calling and emailing patients to ensure they attend their appointments. With healthcare labor shortages, these essential follow ups may not always be completed in time to make their desired impact. Paubox saw an opportunity to ensure patients are contacted daily via HIPAA compliant automated appointment reminders.

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Healthcare labor woes? Workflow automation provides a solution

On “There are hundreds of years of experience in behavioral health in this room.”

As a sponsor of the Florida Behavioral Health Admin Forum, Paubox was eager to share our suite of solutions with the leaders in attendance. After hours of conversations with existing customers, it became clear that workflow automation can solve their most significant pain points: budgetary and staffing issues in the healthcare industry.

We introduced this idea to information technology specialists on the first day of the event. Next, we shared our hypothesis with human resources and finance executives on day two. Finally, we listened in on a lecture regarding labor law updates that could further challenge behavioral health.

The Admin Forum concluded with a hot breakfast and an AMA session on labor law questions, hosted by sponsor Theresa Gallion. Attendees agreed she is “the best teacher when it comes to employment law.” And, Ms. Gallion devotes a third of her legal practice to training human resources professionals. She covered a range of hot topics, from the Stop Woke Act in Florida to medical marijuana in the workplace.

Gallion captivated the crowd with solid advice regarding navigating changes in labor law. As participants pointed out in their questions, businesses face revenue challenges, which are directly related to employee headcount.

Ms. Gallion pointed out that there were “hundreds of years of experience in behavioral health” represented by the folks in attendance. While many people sought her expertise, solutions were crowdsourced from colleagues in the room. Paubox offers similar discussion opportunitie with our monthly social mixers. It was great to see the community come together to support each other.

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Paubox shares workflow automation with behavioral health leaders

Convention breakout session, many people seated at tables with a speaker in the background
CFOs at the FBHA Admin Forum raise their hands to answer the question “who here has experienced domain name spoofing?”

Workflow Automation removes the human endpoint

“Who here knows what workflow automation is?” we asked a group of CIO’s at the Florida Behavioral Health Association Admin Forum in Orlando, Florida. “Paubox defines workflow automation as removing the human endpoint between two pieces of hardware or software.” Paubox sponsored the event, and met with leaders in IT, HR, Operations and Finance to share how our suite of solutions can save them time and money. We asked a lot of questions, including “who here loves doing repetitive tasks?” Unsurprisingly, no one said yes. When we asked “who here has experienced domain name spoofing?” nearly every member of the audience put up their hand.

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Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month with Henderson Behavioral

Hotel lobby filled with people in professional dress at red draped tables
Attendees at the annual Henderson Behavioral Health Gala enjoy connecting with each other over drinks.

Paubox honors Mental Health Awareness Month

Paubox was honored to attend the annual Henderson Behavioral Health Gala in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on May 5 2022. We joined over 160 members of their team, board members, and fellow partners in celebrating another year of serving South Florida’s mental wellness. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, first organized in 1949 to end the stigma against mental illness. Millions of Americans struggle with their mental wellness daily. Behavioral health has a large footprint in Paubox’s customer base and is a key component of our culture.

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U.S. patent approved for audio transcription via email

Three people smiling at the camera on convention floor
(left to right:) Greg Hoffman, Aja Anderson, and myself at a recent customer fundraiser

Earlier this year we filed a Continuation-in-part (CIP) patent application around our work with workflow automation via email.

More specifically, it was related to our new and novel approach to workflow automation for HIPAA compliant voicemail transcription.

Fast forward to this month, I’m pleased to announce all 20 claims were granted for our third patent.

Innovations like this demonstrate further evidence towards our mission statement: To become the market leader for HIPAA compliant email.

See also: U.S. Patent Office approves our approach to email encryption

See also: U.S. Patent Office approves our approach to display name spoofing

Try Paubox today for HIPAA compliant voicemail transcription.

Customer feedback is a Paubox Foundation

Three men smiling at the camera on convention floor
Tony Cox (center) was one of our customers that asked for audio transcription via email

Customer feedback is a big deal to us at Paubox. In fact, it’s one of our Paubox Foundations, which are principles and values we care intensely about. In effect, we use customer feedback as our roadmap of what to build and when to build it.

During a zoom social mixer last summer, several customers asked us to build a secure transcription solution for their corporate voicemail attachments.

As it turns out, they were acutely concerned over emails sent from their voicemail systems containing audio attachments. More precisely, our customers’ concerns lay with the potential of end users opening these attachments in public on their smartphones.

In their opinion, the risk of protected health information (PHI) being overheard in public obligated them to establish elevated safeguards for their respective organizations.

With this context in mind, their question to us was, “can you develop something that converts the audio attachments to text instead?”

We quickly got to work by leveraging Paubox Email Suite and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to detect and transcribe these audio files on the fly.

We then inserted the transcribed text into the message body and securely delivered the email to the end user, leaving the original audio attachment in place, and our customers delighted.

Try Paubox Email Suite for FREE today.

Workflow automation solutions for NetSmart myAvatar

Illustration of robot with long arms interacting with a laptop computerSolving healthcare staffing shortages with workflow automation

If you’ve joined our Zoom Social Mixers, you know feedback goes straight to the top. Speaking directly with our CEO and Founder Hoala Greevy is a secret bonus of attendance. Customers raise pain points each month that are funneled into product improvements for our suite of solutions. Workflow automation solutions for Netsmart myAvatar were born from customer feedback.

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Conti ransomware attack on Ireland’s healthcare system may cost over €100M

Hackensack Meridian Health hit by ransomware

In May 2021, a Conti ransomware attack crippled Ireland’s Health Service Executive (HSE). And unfortunately, the country’s public hospital system is still feeling the effects.

RELATEDWhat is ransomware and how to protect against it

The costs of cyberattacks—shut down services, angry patients, and extraordinary monetary costs—are detrimental to healthcare industries worldwide.

For healthcare covered entities, keeping protected health information (PHI) safe is a crucial part of patient care. For those in the U.S. under the HIPAA Act, strong cybersecurity measures, such as HIPAA compliant email, are essential.

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