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Vista Care was founded in 1994 when Tim Frey and his family welcomed two individuals with disabilities to share their Wisconsin home. Today, Vista Care has grown to provide in-home support services, residential services and day services at 74 locations across three states. Vista Care serves a broad range of people in need, including individuals with intellectual, physical, or developmental disabilities; people facing mental health issues; people with memory loss; and those with behavioral challenges.

The organization is proud to provide a warm, family-like environment, combined with evidence-based best practices delivered by a team of caring professionals with deep experience in serving this population.

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Sara Sosa, Director of Information Services, Vista Care

With Paubox, the Vista Care team can be productive while maintaining security. Transmitting data no longer feels like a process that slows them down. It’s seamless, and it affects something critically important – the security of the company’s email communications.

Sara Sosa
Director of Information Services
Vista Care

Company Snapshot

Paubox Email Suite Goals

  • Keep email secure, without adding extra steps for senders or recipients
  • Provide a simple and seamless email encryption solution
  • Reduce burden on small IT team
  • Boost security while keeping productivity high


As a human services organization, Vista Care needed to ensure that its email complied with HIPAA and kept clients’ protected health information (PHI) secure.

The increasing pace of cyberattacks, which proliferated during COVID-19 and targeted the healthcare industry, prompted Vista Care to add additional email security measures. “We wanted to increase our organization’s security standards. At the same time, we wanted our email communications to be a seamless experience for the user,” said Sara Sosa, Vista Care’s director of information services.

At the same time, simplicity and seamlessness were key priorities for Vista Care. “We wanted to avoid making the email encryption process complicated. If it’s too complicated, then people won’t want to use it, which defeats the purpose of having the security measures in the first place,” Sosa explained.


Vista Care considered solutions from Google and Microsoft, but the simplicity the team was looking for just wasn’t there. “Those are common solutions, but they weren’t a great fit for us. They are such complex processes for something that should really be straightforward,” Sosa added.

Vista Care continued to search for a secure, HIPAA compliant email solution that does not depend on the user to take action in order to ensure data security. Finally, the Vista Care team found the right solution: Paubox Email Suite Standard.

Paubox Email Suite provides zero-step email encryption that works in the background, encrypting every email automatically. Unlike other portal-based or keyword-based solutions, Paubox is seamless: senders just click “send,” and recipients just click “open.” Paubox Email Suite is HITRUST CSF certified, meeting the gold standard of email security for healthcare organizations.

Paubox’s implementation process was quick and easy for Vista Care. “The implementation team was super great. It took only a few minutes of work on our end, and it was good to go,” Sosa noted.

Vista Care’s employees love Paubox’s usability. “Our CFO mentioned to me recently that it is great not to have to deal with passwords, multi-factor authentication codes, and extra clicks,” Sosa said. 

Customer service also gets high marks. “The customer service is exceptional, with response times above the expectation. We have an account manager who provides a level of personal attention that you wouldn’t expect for a product of this type,” Sosa added.


In just over three months, Paubox Email Suite Standard has protected approximately 240,000 emails on behalf of 201 employees.

The process of sending nearly half a million emails in three months is streamlined and secure thanks to Paubox. “It’s a weight off of the company’s shoulders,” Sosa noted. “From the tech side, we don’t need to worry about email security, and our staff doesn’t need to take extra steps each time they send an email. It’s business as usual – they just send and go.”

Using Paubox saves significant time for Vista Care’s employees, enabling them to spend less time thinking about security and more time supporting the clients who depend on them. “Using Paubox has saved the company so much in terms of time, money, and labor,” Sosa concluded. “The implementation workload is minimal, and the time saved by not having to educate, train, reinforce, monitor, and troubleshoot for our 200-plus employees is huge. All of these time savings drive cost savings as well.”

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Human services

Use case

Encrypt clients’ PHI over email, without slowing employees down

Used solution

Paubox Email Suite

Favorite features

  • Seamless, zero-step email encryption
  • Minimal burden on IT staff
  • Exceptional customer service

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