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The Philadelphia-based therapist uses our HIPAA compliant marketing email solution to fill his appointment calendar – and sees up to an 85% open rate and a 12% click-through rate.

Counselor and psychotherapist Timothy J. Walsh, Jr., MA, LPC, NCC, CCTP, brings an artist’s spirit to his therapy practice. Based in Philadelphia, Walsh focuses on building relationships with his clients and honoring each person’s unique journey. He specializes in working with individuals, young adults, couples, LGBTQ+ people, and artists. “When people come to see me, it’s all about their story. My approach is tailored to that person, and clients tend to stay with me for a long time,” he said. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Walsh moved much of his practice online. In order to strengthen his connections with existing clients – and engage with prospective new clients as well – he has relied increasingly on digital marketing tools.

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TJ Walsh

As the [COVID-19 situation] unfolded over here in Philadelphia, I sent another communication . . . still reiterating that things are increasingly serious in Philadelphia and I was unsure what I was going to be doing in terms of moving everything online or keeping it optional.  But by Friday evening, I decided to move everything online, following what other private practice therapists in the city were doing.  And now actually . . . the city of Philadelphia is shut.  So all non-essential businesses, which unfortunately therapy would fall into, are closed, so we have to transition online at this point. But I had already made that decision.

TJ Walsh

Company Snapshot

  • Founded in 2016
  • 1 location
  • Paubox Marketing customer since 2020
  • http://tjwalshtherapy.com/

Paubox Marketing Goals

  • Reclaim clients and keep appointment schedule full
  • Deliver more personalized content to audience
  • Boost engagement and interaction with patients


Before he tried Paubox Marketing, Walsh was using Constant Contact for email marketing. As his practice grew, however, Constant Contact did not provide the robust marketing tools he needed – while also protecting his email list’s protected health information (PHI).

Although Constant Contact will sign a BAA with covered entities, customers are not allowed to use the service to transmit PHI, which greatly limits how effective your marketing efforts can be. In addition, some healthcare providers interpret PHI to include simply a name or email address when coupled with a health condition, and an email coming from your office could be enough to indicate patient status.

As part of his efforts to promote an upcoming intensive workshop for couples, Walsh wanted to reach out to couples he had worked with in the past who were dealing with similar issues and might get value from the workshop. Because this type of health information is PHI, he could not use Constant Contact to send those personalized, warm emails. 

Because he was already a Paubox Suite Plus customer, Walsh had the ability to send a HIPAA compliant email. He could have spent hours composing and sending personalized emails manually, but Paubox Suite is built for standard back and forth emails between a healthcare professional and a patient, not for mass email marketing.  For a more efficient approach, Walsh needed a HIPAA compliant email marketing solution. 

“I wanted to include more personalized information in my emails, including PHI. With COVID-19, I’m doing more and more online. I need resources and tools that allow me to communicate openly and freely while maintaining a private and secure platform,” Walsh said.


Paubox Marketing had everything Walsh was looking for. It allows him to provide a personal touch in his email marketing, delivering more relevant information to patients directly to their inboxes without relying on passwords or portals. By customizing his emails, he is getting a better open and click-through rate than before, resulting in a full slate of appointments.

In fact, open rates for Walsh’s emails range from 64-85% (well above the industry average of 20%), and his click-through rate ranges from 4-12% (industry average is about 5%).

“With Constant Contact, my newsletters contained everything but the kitchen sink: workshops, blog posts, professional news, not all of which was of interest to the person receiving the newsletter. It wasn’t tailored. As a result, those emails did not get very many clicks,” Walsh said. Using Paubox Marketing, however, he is able to communicate at a more sophisticated level with his current and prospective clients, providing them more value with each communication. 

Like the other Paubox tools he has used, Walsh found Paubox Marketing to be easy to navigate and understand. The Paubox team’s excellent customer service made the integration process even smoother. “It was really helpful to have a member of the Paubox team walk me through the process of uploading my contacts, segmenting audiences, and building my first email. Paubox’s customer service-focused approach has been great for me,” Walsh said.

Results from the very first email

Using Paubox Marketing, Walsh is sending tailored emails that deal directly with the collective experience of the COVID-19 pandemic – and the results have been astounding. “People are clicking through, and people are responding directly to me via email,” Walsh said.  

Since every email Walsh sends is secured with Paubox Suite, he can respond to anyone who writes back to his marketing emails in a HIPAA compliant manner as well.

The engagement he has received with each Paubox Marketing campaign has resulted in an increase in appointments booked. His clients are also sharing their experiences, which helps Walsh understand how his clients are being affected by COVID-19.

Walsh is also saving time by using Paubox Marketing, allowing him to devote more time to helping his clients. “With Paubox Marketing, everyone is on the list, and I have it segmented effectively. It’s easy to identify relevant audiences for each message. It saves time, because before I would need to decide who should get each email and send each one manually,” he said.

Among the benefits of using Paubox Marketing, according to Walsh, are the ability to safely send emails containing PHI directly to the inbox, the robust customization features, the ease of use, and the seamless integration with Paubox’s other tools, bringing everything together into a single dashboard. 

Walsh has even had colleagues reaching out to him to ask what tool he is using for HIPAA compliant email marketing. He intends to continue using Paubox Marketing to send monthly emails, which will help him keep his business growing throughout this challenging time – and into a successful future.

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Engage with patients on a regular basis to boost brand and increase business

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Paubox Marketing

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  • Increased engagement with marketing emails
  • Ease of use
  • Excellent customer service

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