About The Jellyvision Lab, Inc.

The Jellyvision Lab, Inc., a Chicago-based SaaS company, is reinventing how your employees choose and use their benefits. Its sophisticated communication technology is designed with human psychology in mind—providing resources and guidance so employees can find and select benefit options that are in their best interest.

“We explain healthcare benefits in an easy-to-follow, funny, and engaging way for more than 1,500 companies across the United States, including many of the Fortune 500,” explained Eli Golden, Jellyvision’s director of IT.

Jellyvsion’s benefits engagement platform, ALEX, uses behavioral science to help employers take control of healthcare spending by guiding employees to smart choices.

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Eli Golden, Director of IT, The Jellyvision Lab, Inc.

Paubox helps me sleep at night. Security should be front of mind for everyone. If you don’t have an inbound security system, you are putting yourself and your business at risk.

Eli Golden
Director of IT
The Jellyvision Lab, Inc.

Company Snapshot

  • Founded in 2001
  • Number of locations: headquartered in Chicago, with a remote workforce across the country
  • Paubox Inbound Security client since 2020
  • https://www.jellyvision.com/

Paubox Inbound Security Goals


In 2020, Jellyvision transitioned its internal email systems from Microsoft Exchange to Google Workspace. As part of that change, the company evaluated its email security needs and realized it needed a solution that would stop company executives from receiving email phishing attempts and spam.

“In 2021, security needs to be top of mind for every company. Email security is the number one cause of breaches,” Golden explained. “Attackers are getting smarter, and while we train our staff thoroughly with simulated attacks and live sessions, it’s best to have as much protection as possible.”


Jellyvision was looking for an inbound email security solution that would protect inboxes above and beyond Gmail’s existing quarantine capabilities. Although Jellyvision’s team is vigilant and well-trained, the best solution is one that stops phishing, viruses, and other threats from landing in employees’ inboxes in the first place – all while ensuring that legitimate emails are not caught in an overly aggressive quarantine system. Paubox Inbound Security was the right solution.

ExecProtect, Paubox’s patented domain name spoofing prevention tool, gets high marks from Jellyvision. “ExecProtect is beautiful – since we started using it, we haven’t had a spoofed executive email come through,” Golden noted.

ExecProtect stops domain name spoofing in its tracks, so employees can be sure that emails are really from the sender whose name is listed in the “from” field. ExecProtect is bundled with our popular inbound email security solutions which protect customers from ransomware, viruses, and email phishing.

The onboarding process was simple – Jellyvision’s IT administrators had inbound security protection up and running within a day.  “Now, we look for that little red tag that reads ‘Secured by Paubox – HITRUST CSF Certified’ – there’s nothing better than seeing that,” Golden added.

Among the Jellyvision team’s favorite features are the easy-to-navigate dashboard, the mail log, and the quarantine. Paubox Inbound Security provides user-friendly tools that make it easy for Jellyvision to keep attacks out while letting legitimate emails in.


Jellyvision’s team sees the results of using Paubox Inbound Security each day when they check the dashboard. “We can see everything that was stopped, and which wouldn’t have been stopped if not for Paubox,” Golden said.

In addition to the robust security results, Paubox saves Jellyvision’s team time and energy – and offers priceless peace of mind. 

“Spam and phishing are smarter than ever, and a solution like Paubox gives me peace of mind,” explained Golden.

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Use case

Safeguard executives from domain name spoofing and other security threats

Used solution

Paubox Inbound Security

Favorite features

  • Excellent domain name spoofing protection
  • Easy-to-use dashboard, mail log, and quarantine
  • Great value for the price
  • Easy implementation

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