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People Bloom Counseling has blocked 31,139 emails sent by 7 staff members, blocked 619 spam, 21 virus, and 8 phishing emails in the past 12 months using Paubox Email Suite Plus.

People Bloom is a small therapy practice in Redmond, Washington. Its mission is to give people the tools to make lasting and meaningful changes in their lives and relationships.

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Ada Pang, Founder of People Bloom

We want to be there for our clients and we can continue to provide care for them even though we may not be in the same room together. The spread of COVID-19 has stirred up a lot of uncertainty and fear. To the extent that we can walk alongside our clients and their relationships, whether that’s done online or in person, we would want to do that. 

Ada Pang
People Bloom

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Paubox Email Suite Plus Goals

  • Effectively communicate with patients during COVID-19
  • Achieve inbound and outbound email encryption
  • Protect their patients personal information

Easy to use, secure communication during a pandemic

People Bloom usually relies on face-to-face counseling sessions for its 100 patients, but with rising concern over the global coronavirus pandemic, people are looking for other options.

People Bloom highly prioritizes providing continuity of care for their clients. As such, they used Paubox Email Suite Plus to inform clients of the added option of making counseling available online. They also instructed patients and staff to stay home if they are feeling sick or to otherwise contact their medical provider if they’re exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.

Paubox makes it easy for People Bloom to expand virtual counseling sessions

Before the coronavirus outbreak, Ada was the only one on her team providing telemental health sessions. Since the spread of the virus, she has had to rapidly revamp their telemental health program and onboard the rest of her counselors onto their HIPAA-compliant platform.

As part of the policy and procedural manual she’s been developing for virtual counseling sessions, Ada needed to list the HIPAA compliant software that People Bloom is using.

“It was actually really comforting to know that I already have G Suite email with Paubox encryption set up prior to this, so it’s not something I need to scramble to make happen as a result of COVID-19,” Ada says.

Being a proactive Paubox customer is paying off for People Bloom, as it has made ramping up virtual counseling sessions easier and less stressful during this difficult time.


In the past 12 months alone, Paubox has encrypted nearly 31,139 emails sent by 7 staff members, blocked 619 spam, 21 virus, and 8 phishing emails. Since Paubox encrypts all emails by default, no one had to spend any time wondering about whether or not to encrypt an email; it was done automatically. And all the email recipients had to do was click “open” to read an email – no password or portal required.

People Bloom Counseling


Therapy, Healthcare

Use case

Communicate with patients in a HIPAA compliant manner during COVID-19

Used solution

Paubox Email Suite Plus

Favorite features

  • HIPAA compliance
  • Ease of use
  • Protection of client PHI

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