That email was HIPAA compliant. Your next one can be too.

Finally, there’s a way to send HIPAA compliant emails without leaving your email platform. No need to learn anything new.


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Send HIPAA compliant emails with Google Workspace or Microsoft 365:



Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are not HIPAA compliant

They claim they are HIPAA compliant, but you can’t actually send secure emails out of the box, and it’s not easy for you or your clients to view those emails.

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The best HIPAA compliant alternative is a clunky portal

Forget using the email platform you already know. You are forced to take multiple steps to read and send a message, and it’s not easy to send a secure email. Not to mention…

  • You can’t use Google Workspace or Microsoft 365
  • Your clients need a password just to read an email
  • This will end up wasting hours of your time each week

Try Paubox instead ›


Start sending HIPAA compliant emails in 15 minutes

No more worrying about HIPAA compliance. Send HIPAA compliant emails free for 14 days.

See how it works in 2 minutes ›

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Setup your email

Simply connect Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 to Paubox so we can secure your emails.

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"Paubox was easy to set up and seamlessly integrates into Google Workspace."
Julia Bryson, Roots Therapy NW



Send secure email

Send emails just like normal. It's so easy because you just keep your same address. No need to install plugins, or use clunky portals. 

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"Perfect HIPAA-compliant email solution for mental health professionals. It is easy to use for my clients/customers because it does not require them to do anything differently."
Ekaterina Knapp, New Solutions Wellness



Set it and forget it

No more worrying about HIPAA compliance. We'll encrypt every email you send. Our patented solution ensures HIPAA compliant delivery even if your recipient's email has an outdated email platform.

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"It's a set it and forget it type of system and the set up is easy. It's a hassle-free way for me and my therapy clients to communicate securely.
Aiden Reis, Diverge Counseling


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We make HIPAA compliance affordable

We have a generous referral program where we give $250 in credit for every new referral.

  • Tell us who referred you and you'll each get $250 in credit.
  • We also take 30% off all annual plans.
  • You'll get $100 off your bill if you add a HIPAA compliant badge to your site. 
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How to get Paubox for free

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Get $250 in credit for every new referral. Hello, friends.

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Get 30% off with an annual plan. Save $108+ per year.

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Claim $100 when you add a HIPAA compliant badge to your site.

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5,700+ companies are using Paubox to secure over 100 million emails every month

You’re just 15 minutes away from making your email HIPAA compliant.
Start sending HIPAA compliant emails free for 14-days. No portals. No hassle. No extra steps.

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