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About TJ Walsh Counseling

TJ Walsh is a licensed professional counselor and psychotherapist who runs his own practice, TJ Walsh Counseling, based in Philadelphia.

He strives to provide high quality, individualized services for each of his clients, no matter the age or issue.

Although TJ counsels all types of people as well as couples, he has extensive experience working with young adults and university students.  He also has particular experience working with professional artists, performers, and other creatives.

As the [COVID-19 situation] unfolded over here in Philadelphia, I sent another communication . . . still reiterating that things are increasingly serious in Philadelphia and I was unsure what I was going to be doing in terms of moving everything online or keeping it optional.  But by Friday evening, I decided to move everything online, following what other private practice therapists in the city were doing.  And now actually . . . the city of Philadelphia is shut.  So all non-essential businesses, which unfortunately therapy would fall into, are closed, so we have to transition online at this point. But I had already made that decision.
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TJ Walsh
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TJ Walsh keeps his patients updated about changes to his practice due to COVID-19

We recently spoke to TJ about how he’s been dealing with coronavirus.  Over the past few weeks, as the situation has rapidly evolved, TJ has kept his 80 active clients in the loop about changes to his practice.

First, he emailed his patients to let them know he would remain open but would also offer the option of virtual meetings.  He also told them the steps he was taking to ensure the office was clean and sanitized.  However, TJ’s protocol would rapidly need to change.

By planning ahead, TJ Walsh quickly transitioned his practice to virtual meetings

Using email encrypted by Paubox, TJ was able to stay ahead of the curve and update his patients as quickly as he was updating his protocol.

Unfortunately, not all mental health practitioners planned ahead for virtual therapy as TJ did.  It has been difficult for some therapists to transition to online counseling.

“I think [COVID-19] is a real wake up call, especially for the mental health community that has been really, really slow to take initiative and change the way they do business,” he said.  “I think the next few weeks are going to be really critical to people changing [their] mindset and being willing to say, ‘Hey, you know, we need to be a little more flexible here.'”


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