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About Alcala Testing and Analysis Services

Founded 10 years ago, Alcala Testing and Analysis Services grew out of a San Diego, CA-based pain management clinic that needed faster turnaround times for toxicology lab tests. Not finding a solution in the market, pain management physicians partnered with stakeholders familiar with the industry to start in-house lab testing for clinical toxicology. 

Over the years, Alcala Testing has grown to include pharmacogenetic testing and has expanded to handle different specimen types. The company developed dried blood spot testing tools in addition to urine and oral fluids. In December 2020, the company added a second brick-and-mortar lab location in Las Vegas, NV. Alcala Testing processes specimens from 50 collection sites nationwide and continues to grow.

When COVID-19 came along, we needed a way to send HIPAA compliant email that integrated smoothly with our existing lab information systems – and we needed it yesterday. Paubox Email API allowed us to bring everything into one place and integrated quickly. That was important to us.
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Christian Tagwerker, PhD, NRCC (CC, CT), CLIA Clinical Lab Director, Alcala Testing and Analysis Services
Company Snapshot
  • Founded in 2011
  • Number of locations: 2 brick and mortar locations and 50 collection sites nationwide
  • Paubox client since 2020
Paubox Email API
  • Send test results via email in a secure, HIPAA compliant way
  • Use industry-leading encryption technology
  • Have daily email monitoring capability to track sends and opens
  • Enable modular integration with current lab information systems

In May 2020 Alcala Testing started offering COVID-19 testing to their repertoire in response to the global pandemic. “We were able to quickly pivot to focus on viral target testing,” said Christian Tagwerker, PhD, NRCC (CC, CT), CLIA clinical lab director for Alcala Testing. “With our focus on COVID-19 testing, that’s when Paubox came into the picture.”

To facilitate COVID-19 testing across the country, Alcala Testing partnered with a company that performed testing at pop-up sites. The company created a clinical pipeline to enable clinical reviewers to certify test results remotely. This created a need for a secure, HIPAA compliant email solution.

“We needed to get the information, collect and review the information, and then get the test results report back to the patient,” Dr. Tagwerker explained. “To do all of that and maintain HIPAA compliance, we were looking at several solutions. Paubox’s technology stood out.”

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Alcala Testing chose Paubox Email API to ensure that its test results would be sent securely. Paubox’s solution integrated smoothly into Alcala Testing’s existing clinical data exchange systems. “There were other solutions available, but the integration process would take months, and they were expensive,” Dr. Tagwerker said.

Paubox Email API simplifies sending HIPAA compliant emails at scale, with a simple API that developers can incorporate quickly and works seamlessly with other software. Companies sending notifications with protected health information (PHI) can be sure that their patients’ information is protected, thanks to Paubox’s HITRUST CSF®-certified technology.

Paubox Email API was up and running in a week. The Paubox team gave Alcala Testing additional tips and tricks to help them use Paubox Email API’s dashboards effectively. “We especially like the rest API dashboard. It shows weekly volume, delivery percentages, opens, and hard bounces in a user-friendly interface that gives us a nice way to monitor our daily volume,” Dr. Tagwerker noted.

Another advantage for Alcala Testing was Paubox Email API’s tiered pricing model, which gave the company flexibility as testing volumes continued to grow. “As our volume increased, Paubox Email API was a quick, affordable option to integrate into an existing clinical system,” Dr. Tagwerker added.


Currently, Alcala Testing sends more than 10,500 emails a week with COVID-19 test results via Paubox Email API. The emails average a 70-percent open rate. That means that thousands of patients each month are getting their COVID-19 test results in a convenient, secure, and fast way.

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