Customer Stories
Healthcare organizations big and small
trust us to secure their email.

Clay County Hospital improved their workplace efficiency with Paubox, helping them have more time to focus on caring for their patients.

Inclusa switches to Paubox Email Suite and frees up 20 hours of employees' time a week.

Customer uses Paubox Email Suite Premium to send HIPAA compliant email, block cyberattacks, and keep sensitive data from being emailed by mistake.

MedPlus Solutions switches to Paubox Email Suite and encrypts 5 times more email than with its previous provider.

Five Acres leverages Paubox Email Suite Plus to send 100% of its emails securely and protect itself from cyberattacks.

Nizhoni Health sends nearly 200,000 secure emails a year with Paubox Email Suite Plus.

Henderson Behavioral Health maintains 100% HIPAA email compliance for 62 staff members with Paubox.

Leading provider of addiction treatment switched to Paubox for ease of use and Salesforce integration.

Quality Care uses the latest HIPAA technology to keep its 500 clients in the loop about state policy updates.

DCO chooses Paubox for email encryption after months of research.

Christie Clinic

"Paubox is a seamless integrated solution that has made life a lot easier for all of our users."

Scott Segerstrom
Information Systems Director

See why this psychotherapy practice chose Paubox over Virtru.

Paubox Email Suite Plus provides a solution that “just works” and doesn’t require ongoing maintenance.

Ho'okele Health stops relying on fax machines and starts relying on HIPAA compliant email.

Large, multi-location dental practice updates patients via encrypted email about changes to services due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Lincoln Reimbursement Solutions relies on Paubox Email Suite during the coronavirus outbreak and beyond.

Behavioral health agency switches from outsourced email server to Paubox Email Suite Premium to secure outbound and inbound email and prevent sensitive data from being sent by mistake.

Psychiatric firm improves its email workflow by over 50% with Paubox Email Suite Plus.

As a Paubox customer, Katie McBride is able to start sending PHI in emails to patients.

RLH uses Paubox to make sending and receiving encrypted emails a better experience for staff and customers.

Nod Specialists protects its email with Paubox Email Suite during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Art therapy practices relies on Paubox to communicate with clients about a switch to telehealth.

TJ Walsh has kept his 80 active clients in the loop about changes to his practice due to COVID-19 with the help of Paubox.

People Bloom Counseling proactively uses Paubox during COVID-19 pandemic.

Paubox Email Suite Plus enables Scott Salathe to transition his practice online during COVID-19 outbreak.

Led Life sends encrypted email to patients and the community about ways to handle the transition to sheltering in place.

During the pandemic, Hilltop Behavioral Health maintains continuity of care for patients with Paubox.

See why this therapy practice chose Paubox over Virtru.

Carrie Pritchard chooses Paubox after extensive research.

The Caregiver Foundation protects its inbound and outbound email seamlessly with Paubox.

As a Paubox customer, Scholars App can collaborate with organizations requiring a higher level of security.

IM Billing expands Paubox account as the company grows.

Getting onboarded with Paubox was actually amazing - probably the easiest product, and some of the best folks I have ever worked with.

Tony Cox, Chief Information Officer
Henderson Behavioral Health