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About Urgikids

Pediatric urgent care clinic uses Paubox Marketing to send key COVID-19 information to patients—and sees a 39 percent email open rate.

UrgiKids is a pediatric urgent care provider serving Naperville, Illinois and the surrounding area. Co-owners Seema Awatramani, MD, and Kelly Cleary, MD, both of whom are pediatric emergency medicine doctors, founded UrgiKids in 2018 because there was no urgent care clinic in the area that catered to children. From cuts and broken bones, to fevers and stomach aches that pop up after the pediatrician’s office is closed, UrgiKids provides fast, efficient healthcare tailored specifically for kids.

Because UrgiKids serves children and adolescents exclusively, the clinic’s marketing targets a relatively narrow demographic: parents with kids still at home. This age group—which is primarily made up of parents in their 30s to 50s—expect digital communications. When COVID-19 struck early in 2020, UrgiKids’ patients and their families had lots of questions. What should they do to keep their families safe? What are the symptoms of the virus? What if their children need care right away? Where can they get tested for COVID-19?

Paubox Marketing gave us a platform that allowed us to reach patients at a time that we otherwise couldn’t. Having a secure network to communicate to patients has had a really big impact on patients coming through the door.
Kelly Cleary MD, Co-Owner, Urgikids
Kelly Cleary MD, Co-Owner, Urgikids

Company Snapshot

  • Founded in 2018
  • 1 location
  • Paubox Marketing customer since April 2020
  • UrgiKids

Paubox Marketing Goals

  • Create a streamlined patient communication process
  • Meet patient families’ communication preferences
  • Obtain a secure email marketing platform that was HIPAA compliant


UrgiKids’ previous digital marketing channels—including Facebook and Instagram, as well as the clinic’s website—did not offer the ability to reach out to patient families en masse directly. Marketing email was the obvious solution. But other email marketing platforms were not HIPAA compliant.

“Previously, our marketing was aimed at letting people know we existed. But now we wanted to talk to our patients, give them updates, including testing information and options for virtual visits. Email made the most sense as a vehicle to give concrete information,” explained Dr. Awatramani, who serves as the clinic’s medical director. “To meet our patient families’ communication preferences, we needed a secure email platform that was HIPAA compliant. Particularly in this time of COVID-19, we felt it was essential.”


The UrgiKids team searched for a secure, HIPAA compliant email marketing solution, and they discovered Paubox Marketing. Paubox Marketing solves the challenge of sending HIPAA compliant email for secure patient outreach. It allows users to segment their audiences and send personalized email marketing directly to recipients’ inboxes without relying on passwords or portals.

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Other marketing tools are either not HIPAA compliant or require email recipients to jump through multiple hoops in order to open and view a message.

Paubox Marketing is different. Patients simply receive the email in their inboxes, just like any other message. It’s easy for them—and it meets all HIPAA requirements for transmitting protected health information (PHI).

To be able to directly engage your patients and have a high number of clicks is hard work in the social media realm. With Paubox, the engagement efficiency is much higher, and we’ve found that to be helpful.
seema awatramani
Seema Awatramani

An easy setup process

Paubox Marketing’s intuitive, easy-to-use platform made the account setup and email creation process simple and hassle-free. Any time the UrgiKids team had a question, they received phone and email help right away. As soon as UrgiKids signed up, the Paubox team walked them through how to use the product.

“Paubox Marketing was easy to use, and we felt comfortable. It was simple to learn, and the Paubox team was always available to answer our questions as we sent out our first email,” said Dr. Cleary.

Results from the very first email

UrgiKids saw results from the very first email they sent with Paubox Marketing. “The day we sent the email, we saw a boost in the number of calls we received and the number of telemedicine appointments we had that day,” Dr. Awatramani said. UrgiKids’ first email was opened more than 2,000 times—a 39% open rate (well above the industry average of 20%)—and received nearly 100 clicks through to their website for more information on COVID-19 testing and telemedicine appointments.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare providers across the country have seen a dramatic drop in the volume of patients they see, as people avoid seeking healthcare unless they really need it. With Paubox Marketing, UrgiKids is giving their patients the information they want and need to keep themselves and their families safe. “Our phones were ringing off the hook on the day we communicated that we were offering COVID-19 testing” using Paubox Marketing, Dr. Cleary said.

As UrgiKids looks to the future, they plan to continue using Paubox Marketing to provide key information directly to patients. “It has been a good investment,” Dr. Awatramani said.

“It’s a great product it has certainly served our needs,” said Dr. Cleary. “We’re glad to have found it, especially in these hard times.”

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