by Hoala Greevy Founder CEO of Paubox
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A wake for the fax machine – Paubox SECURE Conference

by Hoala Greevy Founder CEO of Paubox

Fax machine funeral
We held a wake for the fax machine at the inaugural Paubox SECURE Conference.


  • In lieu of a normal cocktail reception, we decided instead to hold a wake for the fax machine.
  • Stories of remembrance ranged from staying extra late at work, to not getting admitted to college, to nearly ruined vacations.
  • Everyone in healthcare has a fax nightmare story to share.


At the conclusion of yesterday’s inaugural Paubox SECURE conference, we held a wake for the fax machine.

A wake is a celebration of life- it’s a time to recollect fond memories of a departed one. Here at Paubox, we believe the fax machine has seen its day in healthcare.

The time has come to stop using such archaic tools in healthcare. The time has come to welcome the 21st century with open arms.

I got things started by giving a thoughtful eulogy for our dearly departed fax machine. After sharing a fax story close to my heart, I opened things up to the crowd.

Rick Kuwahara shared his painful memories around working well after midnight, just because he had to make sure faxes went through successfully.
Rick Kuwahara

Tushar Dubey shared his story of facsimile failure when he mistakenly faxed Senior Ditch Day details to his high school’s admin office.

Tushar Dubey

Nick John of Redox nearly shed a tear recollecting how tragic his last fax encounter was.
Nick John

Bluegrass Biggs of BiggsB shared stories of tragedy about his clients sending reams of protected health information to the wrong fax number. Over and over again.
Bluegrass Biggs

A Remembrance Board was available where the bereaved could leave farewell notes. Blank fax cover letters were used, of course.
Fax machine remembrance board

I shared a heartfelt story around having every Paubox employee send a fax as part of our mission to “feel our customers’ pain.” We also verified it’s not possible to send a fax in under two minutes.

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