by Arianna Etemadieh
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Scott Segerstrom: Email portals are old school technology

by Arianna Etemadieh

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At HIMSS18, the mother of all healthcare conferences, at least 40,000 people descended upon the Sands Expo Center to network, learn and probably do a bit of gambling.

While there, we setup an impromptu interview center outside Palazzo Ballroom L.

One of the people we interviewed was Scott Segerstrom, the Informations Security Director at Christie Clinic. Christie Clinic recently become a Paubox customer, so we caught up with Scott to see what his experience with Paubox was so far.

Scott Segerstrom: Email portals are old school technology

Here’s a transcript around how outdated email portals are to current secure email technology.

Hoala Greevy: So Paubox is a HIPAA compliant email solution. What was life like before Paubox for your organization?

Scott Segerstrom: So as part of the security profile that I put in place with Christie, we put in Mimecast as a web filtering and spam filtering solution and it’s been an excellent product for us. We didn’t take their full portfolio stuff and we kind of added another product, a competitor of Paubox, as a solution for secure email.

But it was essentially Old School Technology. It forced all users to go to a portal to retrieve the message. As time went on, I was noticing that some of my Hospital Partners were sending me messages from another secure solution that didn’t require me to go to a portal. It just showed up in my inbox just like a regular email would.

So I started looking around. I was like, “If they can do that, how can I do that?” And the vendor that I had didn’t have the technology, even recently.

And I happened to be chatting with my sister who is a Paubox client and she turned me on to your organization and it just kind of went from there. Talked to you, worked with your sales team, and here we are today. We got a nice secure solution that doesn’t require any portals.

Hoala Greevy: That’s great.

About Christie Clinic

Christie Clinic is a physician-owned, multi-specialty group medical practice headquartered in Illinois. They have over 40 departments and 35 specialties to take care of virtually every patient’s needs.

With core values such as integrity, commitment, sustainability and quality, their mission is to “provide medicine for your life!”


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