by Arianna Etemadieh
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Scott Segerstrom: Christie Clinic uses cutting edge technology to streamline healthcare

by Arianna Etemadieh

Christie Clinic invests in top of the line technology to provide their doctors with the best tools they need to diagnose and treat patients.

When their previous email encryption solution wasn’t measuring up to their other top tier technology, they began to look elsewhere for a more fitting solution.

Christie Clinic Customer Success

0:000:52 = What problems Christie Clinic solves

0:521:30 = Christie Clinic’s medical office project alongside a surgery center

1:302:47 = Life before Paubox

3:154:40 = What prompted Christie Clinic to look for a new email encryption solution

4:405:27 = Did Christie Clinic’s previous solution work on mobile devices?

5:306:33 = How much training was required for Christie Clinic’s previous solution?

6:337:32 = What feedbacks did email recipients have for Christie Clinic’s previous solution?

7:369:03 = Christie Clinic life with Paubox

9:0310:33 = Why is the fax machine so prevalent in healthcare?

10:3311:57 = Compared to other industries, is the amount of faxes being sent in healthcare normal?

11:5712:40 = Do you think the fax machine will ever go away?

12:4014:12 = Christie Clinic’s community service event, the annual Illinois Marathon

14:1314:41 = Was Christie Clinic’s previous solution an on-premise appliance?

14:4217:11 = What is Christie Clinic’s attitude towards cloud software vendors?

17:1218:13 = Does Christie Clinic send calendar invites with PHI? (Paubox encrypts calendar invites!)

18:1419:21 = One of Scott’s interesting use cases with Paubox (text files and .wav files is encrypted by Paubox)

19:2220:58 = Paubox Lightning Round

About Christie Clinic

Christie Clinic is a physician-owned, multi-specialty group medical practice headquartered in Illinois. They have over 40 departments and 35 specialties to take care of virtually every patient’s needs.

With core values such as integrity, commitment, sustainability and quality, their mission is to “provide medicine for your life!”

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