by Hoala Greevy Founder CEO of Paubox
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Prep work for Mahalo to the Mission: 100 spam musubi and 100 pairs of socks

by Hoala Greevy Founder CEO of Paubox

As with any endeavor, there was some prep work involved for our inaugural Mahalo to the Mission event yesterday. Our goal was simple: Give away 100 spam musubi and 100 pairs of socks to the folks in our neighborhood.

Step 1: Shop for Spam Musubi

On Saturday, we went shopping for spam musubi. We found everything we needed at Pacific Supermarket in South San Francisco. Materials included:

  • 15 cans spam
  • 1 box brown sugar
  • 3 bottles furikake
  • 3 packages nori
  • 2 bags calrose rice
  • 1 bottle shoyu

Total cost came out to $114. Not bad.

Spam Musubi ingredients

Step 2: Cook em up

The next day we picked up a folding table from Home Depot for $39 and headed to Greg Hoffman’s house in SF.

My loyal and devoted girlfriend Jenifer Gamiao led the way by showing us how to make spam musubi en masse. She’s FBI (From Big Island) so we implemented some secret FBI spam musubi techniques. You’ll have to ask her what we did 🙂

Jenifer Gamiao helping to make spam musubi

Phuong Tran brought his fiance Ann to help out too. With our team in place, it was 6.5 hours of team bonding in Hoffman’s kitchen on a Sunday afternoon.

People making spam musubi

Luckily for us, Hoff’s roommates were on hand to perform “Quality Assurance testing” on our spam musubi. After rigorous analysis, we netted 100 spam musubi, each individually wrapped, that met their high standards.

Wrapped spam musubi

Step 3: Get 100 pairs of socks at the best price

Finding 100 pairs of socks at a good price, say about $1 each, is not easy to do. I searched online and on the streets until I found a place right down the block from us, Mona’s Apparel. The owner Alan was fired up on our cause and gave us a secretbonus rate of $1 per pair. Go see them if you need lots of socks!

Mona's Apparel storefront

Step 4: Prep socks

Back at the office, we wrapped each pair of socks for easy distribution. Next was getting a good night’s sleep (alas, I stayed up late working) and getting ready for tomorrow.

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Paubox employees wrapping socks to giveaway

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