by Hannah Trum Senior Marketing Specialist
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Paubox Spring Summit recap: The cyber threat landscape evolution with Tony UcedaVélez

by Hannah Trum Senior Marketing Specialist

Paubox Spring Summit recap: Anshul Pande’s opening keynote

Tony UcedaVélez, CEO and founder of VerSprite, shared his industry knowledge during his presentation aboutThe Cyber Threat Landscape Evolution: How the Pandemic Changed the Attack Surface in Healthcare. 

Panel overview: Attendees learned about the proliferation of cyber threats during the pandemic and post-pandemic era, risks to data security in transit for healthcare professionals, and the importance of endpoint protection. 

Key takeaways:

Additionally, UcedaVélez touched on the rising number of cybersecurity attacks on the supply-chain side of healthcare. Bad actors are leveraging any information they can to launch attacks against organizations. Healthcare providers should create a threat model simulation to elucidate any vulnerabilities and understand how their organization could be compromised.

About Tony UcedaVélez

Tony is the founder and CEO of security consulting firm VerSprite, based in Atlanta. He founded VerSprite after working in the IT and information security space for nearly a quarter of a decade.

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