by Aja Anderson
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Paubox shares workflow automation with behavioral health leaders

by Aja Anderson
A group of people raise their hands at a conference

CFOs at the FBHA Admin Forum raise their hands to answer the question “who here has experienced domain name spoofing?”

Workflow Automation removes the human endpoint

“Who here knows what workflow automation is?” we asked a group of CIO’s at the Florida Behavioral Health Association Admin Forum in Orlando, Florida. “Paubox defines workflow automation as removing the human endpoint between two pieces of hardware or software.” Paubox sponsored the event, and met with leaders in IT, HR, Operations and Finance to share how our suite of solutions can save them time and money. We asked a lot of questions, including “who here loves doing repetitive tasks?” Unsurprisingly, no one said yes. When we asked “who here has experienced domain name spoofing?” nearly every member of the audience put up their hand.

Healthcare has lost 20-30% of its workforce in the last 2 years

Many people in attendance had stories about nearly getting caught by a spoofer’s scam. They responded to an urgent request, seemingly from a leader within their company. These asks were always financial, directing the employee to purchase gift cards or update banking details. Attendees at the forum also shared their organizations suffered high staff turnover. In addition, hiring managers were struggling to replace headcount.

COVID-19 has caused more than 6 million deaths worldwide, and directly contributed to millions of people dropping out of the labor force. Organizations are challenged both by backfilling empty roles and existing staff juggling more than one job to cover gaps. Customers tell us many administrative tasks are left undone daily, because there is not enough time or headcount to get them done.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) published findings that administrative staff were more likely to be depressed than their physician counterparts.  We know that 23% of HIPAA breaches occur because of human error. Naturally a tired, stressed, depressed staff is prone to mistakes. Imagine the burden we could lift off support staff by reducing their repetitive workload.

“Who has forgotten to type ‘encrypt’ on an email?”

Tony Cox speaks with CEO Hoala Greevy and Greg Hoffman.

Tony Cox, CIO at Henderson Behavioral Health, introduced us to each group of executives at the Admin Forum. Then he shared the success his organization saw with each new product they’ve implemented. That success led him to become an early adopter of our workflow automation software. After Tony’s introduction, our CEO & Founder Hoala Greevy asked the attendees a series of questions, and we rewarded them with Pausocks.

“Who here has forgotten to type “encrypt” on an email?” More than 15 people raised their hands. There were so many raised hands, we ran out of swag. People forget to type “encrypt” even when they’re focused and well rested. The chance of human error occurring with a partial staff doing the work of two people increases exponentially. Paubox can solve that problem with our email suite and workflow automation.

A man presents to a group of people

CEO Hoala Greevy presents to CIOs.

Workflow Automation does more with less

The healthcare industry needs simple solutions that reduce daily tasks and remove the possibility of inadvertent mistakes. Paubox is eager to hear from existing and prospective customers to solve for doing more with less.

We have four main questions:

  • First, what work of you absolutely hate doing?
  • Second, what tasks do you need to get done every day?
  • Third, are you doing the work of more than one person?
  • Fourth, which jobs does your company struggle to recruit?

We’re building workflows for early adopters, and can’t wait to hear what we can build for you.


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