by Anne-Marie Sullivan
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Paubox May zoom social mixer, phish and fish

by Anne-Marie Sullivan

Hoala Greevy, Paubox CEO, in Alaska with a flounder

As Hoala Greevy, our founder and CEO, said previously, the Paubox Zoom Social Mixer premise is simple: We recreate things we used to do in real life (IRL) on the Internet. Hoala joined the Paubox zoom mixer to talk with the team and customers last week, May 26, from Alaska. We covered a lot of ground, including phish and fish.

Healthcare IT networking and connections

Our eighth Paubox Zoom Social Mixer brought customers, prospects, and staff together from across the country and Mexico for an engaging evening. States represented at our latest mixer were:

  • Mexico
  • California
  • New Mexico
  • Texas
  • Arizona
  • Illinois
  • Louisiana
  • Colorado
  • Montana
  • Florida
  • New York

The Paubox May zoom social mixer provided an excellent opportunity for our customers and prospects to network and discuss the implementation of processes and strategies for running a healthcare business better and more efficiently. In addition, customers and prospects were treated to food and beverage deliveries or gift cards on us. 

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Our mixers always start the same. First, attendees introduce themselves, and we begin with topics chosen by prospects and clients to get the network conversation flowing. 

Hoala joined from Alaska and was joined by a strong Paubox team. The foundation of our team is to build solutions based on what we hear from our customers. We appreciate and care about our customers, so the Paubox staff loves these mixers.

Before we signed off for the night to watch the Mavs and Warriors, our group discussed:

See everyone next month! 

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Our Zoom Social Mixers continue to offer a great networking opportunity for attendees. Leaders across the healthcare industry share strategies and career tips while enjoying a beverage together virtually. Contact us today and join us at our next social mixer! 


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