by Phuong Tran
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Paubox gives back to the Mission

by Phuong Tran
Paubox Gives Back to the Mission

The Paubox Team

Paubox gives back to the Mission this past Tuesday (12/08/2015), by doing its first spam musubi and socks giveaway!!

As a newcomer to the friendly Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, everyone at my company, Paubox, has always felt that we are very fortunate to be doing what we are doing, in this city, and at this time. The Mission has much to offer, from its eclectic bar scenes to its diverse mom and pop shops.  Unfortunately, the neighborhood is suffering from the wave of gentrification as a result of the thriving tech startup scene. It’s hard not to empathize with the less fortunate in the neighborhood. With the brutal cold winter coming and having a chance to do something positive for the neighborhood, Paubox as a whole decided to give away spam musubi and socks.

We chose to give away spam musubi and socks because the the spam musubi reflects our culture from Hawaii. As for the socks, well everyone needs a good pair of socks in the winter. Our goal for this event was to give away 100 spam musubis and a 100 pair of socks. We got the socks from a local shop in the Mission, another way we are contributing to the local economy. As for the spam musubis, it was all homemade as shown below.

After spending hours making the spam musubis and purchasing the socks, our team setup a table at the Bart station across the street from our office on Tuesday morning. Once we setup our table, people came by slowly and then as the morning commute picked up, so did the crowd. In general, everyone was very kind, respectful, and thankful to us. Some of the people were kind enough to take pictures with us as shown below. We got some great feedback from locals, commuters, and even got some tags on facebook and twitter tweets. People were just appreciative of what we are trying to do for the neighborhood. In the end we gave away everything in about 1.5 hours. Amazing!!

As Paubox continues to grow its HIPAA compliant email business, we will increase the amount of food and socks we give away. Next year, we are aiming to give away 1,000 spam musubis and socks!

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