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Maegan Megginson: Email portals require too many steps (Paubox Email API eliminates portals) [VIDEO]

by Arianna Etemadieh

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Next on the Paubox Customer Success Road Show saga, we visited Portland, Oregon. The visit was full of great customers and delicious food.

While there, we visited Maegan Megginson, psychotherapist and owner of the Center for Couples & Sex Therapy.

Proof of delivery, medications reminders, billing reminders – all of these are examples of transactional emails. With Paubox Email API, you can make all of these emails HIPAA compliant.

Read the full transcript of our conversation below and watch the full interview here.

Maegan Megginson: Email portals require too many steps (Paubox Email API eliminates portals)

Hoala Greevy: We built an API earlier this year. For an EHR like Simple Practice, we built this service where you can just hook in to Paubox to send email

Maegan Megginson: Oh cool.

Hoala Greevy: So it’s more program-atically instead of a human on their phone.

Maegan Megginson: Yeah yeah.

Hoala Greevy:  All kinds of cool stuff like proof of delivery, medication reminders, billing reminders. Because a lot of our customers, the bill has PHI in it – name, service, whatever, right? They’re finding that to get paid, a lot of people won’t log in to the portal to get your bill, so they hook into our API to deliver the invoice as a PDF right to the inbox, and then they’re seeing that.

So we’re really fired up on the API.

Maegan Megginson: They just created, a couple months ago, launched a secure messenger, which I don’t use because I’m like, “This is annoying.” I have to log-in here and messages – I would much rather just do it all through email.

Hoala Greevy: That – our API could do exactly that. So you get the message to your inbox, you don’t have to log into the portal, that’s it.

Maegan Megginson: For me it’s more of the inconvenience for the client. That the client doesn’t want to – they get an email that says, “You have a secure message, log into your portal”, and they have to log into the portal to get the message, and then it’s – It’s just too many steps.

Hoala Greevy: Oh and then it’s the OHSU portal, it’s that portal, it’s like twenty different portals. And then on your phone? Forget it, nobody does that.

About The Center for Couples and Sex Therapy

The Center for Couples and Sex Therapy improves relationships and sexual health through counseling and education. The licensed therapists help individuals and couples that struggle with relationship dissatisfaction, low sexual desire, infidelity, sexual trauma, and more.

The Center for Couples and Sex Therapy is based in Portland, Oregon.

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