by Arianna Etemadieh
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Paubox Becomes a G Suite Authorized Reseller

by Arianna Etemadieh

2017 has been a great year for Paubox. We added new faces to the team, added new products and features, and held our first annual digital health security conference – and that’s just a few of the many successes we had in 2017.

As we look ahead to 2018, we’re excited to grow and evolve Paubox for bigger and better things. For example, we are proud to announce that Paubox has become a G Suite Authorized Reseller.

Why did Paubox become a G Suite Authorized Reseller?

In the past, we hosted email as a way to help our customers who needed it, but we never intended to be in the email hosting business.

We realized that in order to stay focused on our core business – HIPAA compliant email – we needed to move on from email hosting.

But we still wanted to provide a solid email hosting solution for customers, so we became authorized resellers of G Suite, which seamlessly integrates with Paubox.

When it comes to email encryption, we at Paubox prioritize two things: security and user experience. Both have equal weight in importance.

Regarding security, Paubox seamlessly secures your message from end-to-end with industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) and up to 256-bit AES encryption.

As for user experience, many of our customers range from small practices to large organizations. Despite obvious differences, they all have one thing in common: they are businesses.

G Suite’s products, such as its easy to use email messaging, calendar, Google Drive and more, are assets every business can use. Paubox ensures that every email communication through G Suite – even Calendar email reminders – is encrypted and HIPAA compliant.

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What happens if I sign up for G Suite through Paubox?

If you sign up for G Suite through Paubox, the first thing you will notice is a 20% discount for G Suite.

G Suite’s typical pricing is $60/year per user. Paubox offers G Suite for $48/year. 

After you register for Paubox and G Suite, our Customer Success team will help answer any questions you have during or after the set-up process. You won’t have to worry about multiple bills either. To help keep everything organized, you’ll only have one invoice from Paubox.

If you already have G Suite, our team can help you transfer your account under our Paubox G Suite umbrella so you can save and send your email in a HIPAA compliant manner.

What if I’m already a Paubox hosted email customer?

For current customers, don’t worry. Your hosted Paubox account will stay active for as long as you need it. You also have the option to upgrade to a G Suite account.

What if I use another email provider, like Office 365?

Paubox still seamlessly integrates with other email providers, such as Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange Server.

You do not have to purchase G Suite if you want Paubox’s email encryption. We simply offer G Suite if you need help with email hosting.

Try Paubox for FREE and make your email HIPAA compliant today.

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