by Anne-Marie Sullivan
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Our first coffee and donut zoom mixer is a success

by Anne-Marie Sullivan

An image of coffee and donutsOur first coffee and donut Zoom mixer is a success! Last week on May 18 we held our first Paubox Coffee and Connect Social Mixer, and similar to previous mixers, customers, prospects, and staff Zoomed in from across the country. However, this was a special event since it was our first mixer during the day and attendees were treated to coffee, donuts, and bagels from Paubox. Our customers joined us from

  • Texas
  • California
  • Minnesota
  • Florida

As Hoala Greevy, our founder and CEO, said previously, the Paubox Zoom Social Mixer premise is simple: We recreate things we used to do in real life (IRL) on the Internet.  

The mixers are a great opportunity for our customers and prospects to network and discuss running a healthcare business more efficiently and effectively.  

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Pauboxers love to connect with our customers

We look forward to these mixers at Paubox because it gives us a chance to get to know our customers better. We start with a round of introductions and then dig into the questions that attendees send in. The conversation flows from banter about high school music lessons to the serious issues that our customers face in their jobs.

Paubox mixers are a great opportunity for our customers to network

A great takeaway from the Paubox mixers is that we get excellent customer feedback. And, these opportunities give our customers a chance to network and form a community of colleagues facing similar challenges. 

We are always amazed by our customer feedback

It was a lively mixer, with great conversations and customer input. For example, an inbound security customer told us that his organization was compromised by ransomware for a staggering 14 million dollars! Of course, that was before they became a Paubox customer! Thankfully, they installed Paubox Email Suite and have not had issues since!

Another customer reiterated how thankful he was to have a solution that he could manage himself. Paubox Email Suite is scalable from small healthcare businesses to large-scale enterprises. It’s the perfect solution for single clinic practice owners to ensure they stay HIPAA compliant and avoid costly fines and devastating data breaches through ransomware attacks. 

A subject that we hear from time to time came up as well. And that is overcoming the myth and mindset that portals are necessary for good security. 

The group discussed fax machines and why they are still utilized so much in the healthcare industry. Most of our attendees indicated that they work with hospitals, schools, governments, and healthcare providers. These entities still work with paper files and require using fax. 

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Other discussion topics included the burden that healthcare organizations face with the labor shortage and how software solutions that can reduce the burden of menial tasks is a game changer. 

Our first coffee and donut zoom mixer is a success!

Let us know if you are interested in upcoming events! 

June 16 at 4pm PST: Cocktails and connect!

June 30 at 4pm PST: Cocktails and connect!

July 13 at 10 PST: Coffee and connect!

Your attendance is appreciated, and you will receive a beverage of your choice from us delivered to your door before the event starts.  If you’re interested in attending one of our events, please email our coordinator, Angela Macmillan.