by Hoala Greevy Founder CEO of Paubox
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A minority scholarship for Native Hawaiians: The 2021 Paubox Kahikina Scholarship

by Hoala Greevy Founder CEO of Paubox

2021 Paubox Kahikina Scholarship recipients and advisors on a group Zoom meeting
A recent Zoom meeting between Paubox Kahikina Scholarship Recipients and Advisors

The application window for the 2021 Paubox Kahikina Scholarship is now open. Apply here via Scholar’s App.

As a recap, the primary objective of the Paubox Kahikina Scholarship is to encourage Native Hawaiians to pursue careers in computer science and software development.

The Paubox Kahikina Scholarship is recurring in nature. In other words, recipients receive $1,000 per year until they graduate (5 year maximum).

Paubox Kahikina Scholarship Criteria

  • Native Hawaiian
  • An interest in computer science (are you on GitHub?)
  • Enrolled in an accredited college or university

Software Engineering is an Honorable Profession

The reasons why we created the Paubox Kahikina Scholarship are explained in this post, Software Engineering is an Honorable Profession.

In summary, the post covers three themes:

  • Insatiable Demand. Everywhere you look, software engineers are writing code to create, support, and disrupt entire industries. This trend is expected to continue sans abatement for the next 20 years.
  • Speed to market. When compared to other high paying careers like law or medecine, computer science degrees take less time to attain, which means less college debt and a quicker path to earning high income.
  • Wealth Generation. Seven of the top ten wealthiest companies on the planet were founded by people with computer science backgrounds.

The Paubox Kahikina Advisor Network

Based on feedback from a lunch meeting with some of our recipients last month, we created the Paubox Kahikina Advisor network.

The Advisor Network is a fluid group of Native Hawaiian software engineers and executives who are helping the next wave of Hawaiian programmers find their footing in the software industry.

Our Advisor network consists of people working for companies like:

Plugging scholarship recipients into the Paubox Kahikina Advisor network may yield outsized returns in the future.

The deadline to apply is 31 May 2021. Apply today.

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