by Hoala Greevy Founder CEO of Paubox
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1000 free spam musubi: Mahalo to SF and Mayor Ed Lee

by Hoala Greevy Founder CEO of Paubox

Paubox employees
This is what 1,000 spam musubi looks like

  • To celebrate our 1,000th customer, we gave away 1,000 spam musubi in San Francisco today.
  • In memory of Mayor Ed Lee, we also donated $500 to Project Homeless Connect.
  • Team Paubox had a blast giving back and showing thanks to the city that’s given us ample opportunity.

To show our gratitude to the city of San Francisco, we gave away 1,000 spam musubi this morning at the Powell BART stop.

We chose the number 1,000 to also celebrate our 1,000th customer. We now have 1,000 customers in all 50 states and 4 countries.

With the tragic passing of Mayor Ed Lee earlier this week, we wanted to honor his memory by donating $500 to a favorite charity of his, Project Homeless Connect (PHC).

Caleb Plakun from PHC met us at our event to take a picture with us. He liked our oversized check so much he said he’s going to hang it on his wall at work. Thanks Caleb!

Caleb Plakun from Project Homeless Connect joined us for a picture

Last year we gave away 500 spam musubi and also 500 Kalua Pig and Rice bowls. Both of those events took over an hour to complete.

In 2015, we gave away 100 spam musubi and 100 pairs of socks. With only three employees at the time, that took us nearly two hours.

This year with more staff and an optimized approach, we gave away all 1,000 spam musubi in under an hour.

Greg Hoffman quickly implemented a double down handout approach
Greg Hoffman giving away 1,000 spam musubi

Team Paubox had a great time giving away a taste of Hawaii to the people of San Francisco.

I am very proud of our team.

Here’s to 2018 and beyond!

We gave away 1,000 spam musubi in under an hour

Our new friend Marvin Williams generously gave his time and helped us hand out spam musubi
Hoala Greevy and Marvin Williams

Action shot of Shannon Honda passing out free spam musubi on Market Street

Arianna Etemadieh captured great content today

Merry Christmas from Paubox

We found that yelling “Free Food!” or “Breakfast of Champions” or “Free Spam Musubi!” worked well


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