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Maegan Megginson: I don’t have time to figure out how the internet works [VIDEO]

by Arianna Etemadieh

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Next on the Paubox Customer Success Road Show saga, we visited Portland, Oregon. The visit was full of great customers and delicious food.

While there, we visited Maegan Megginson, psychotherapist and owner of the Center for Couples & Sex Therapy.

Everyone’s time is valuable. There’s never enough of it, and sometimes, time is money. That’s why Paubox takes the confusion out of HIPAA compliance and email encryption by offering seamless encryption for both the sender and recipient.

By allowing you to stay within the Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Exchange interface, Paubox requires little to no training for your staff.

Read the full transcript of our conversation below and watch the full interview here.

Maegan Megginson: I don’t have time to figure out how the internet works

Hoala Greevy: What was life like after Paubox?

Maegan Megginson: So much more relaxed. It was important to me to stay within my Gmail interface. I didn’t want to use an encryption program that required me to use a separate portal or to export my Gmail messages somewhere else. That’s all very confusing to me, and I don’t have time in my day to figure out how the internet works.

So this is why I chose Paubox. I love that it was all kind of seamlessly integrated, that I could keep using my Gmail exactly like I always had been, and I could rest assured that my clients’ information was being protected when we did have email correspondence together.

It’s added no extra time or effort to my routine, and I just sleep better at night now knowing that everything is protected in the way that it should be.

Hoala Greevy: Wonderful.

Maegan Megginson: Yeah.

Hoala Greevy: How has the support been from Paubox?

Maegan Megginson: I refer a ton of other therapists to Paubox who are kind of overwhelmed by the whole encryption thing, and it’s terrifying as a little fish – as just a little therapist in a private practice, it’s really scary not knowing if you’re doing things correctly or incorrectly, if your data is safe, if it’s not safe, and I found the support team at Paubox to be so patient in explaining things to me – things that I’m sure to them were like ABCs, you know, like super simple, but just really broke it down for me.

I never felt like I was being kind of forced into a contract or a commitment that I wasn’t comfortable with. I really can’t say enough good things about working with the company.

Hoala Greevy: Oh, thank you.

Maegan Megginson: Yeah.

About The Center for Couples and Sex Therapy

The Center for Couples and Sex Therapy improves relationships and sexual health through counseling and education. The licensed therapists help individuals and couples that struggle with relationship dissatisfaction, low sexual desire, infidelity, sexual trauma, and more.

The Center for Couples and Sex Therapy is based in Portland, Oregon.

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