by Arianna Etemadieh
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Juli Quinn’s RSABill provides white glove treatment for medical billing through Paubox

by Arianna Etemadieh

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As a thrilling sequel to our first Paubox Customer Success Road Show, we ventured down south to Southern California’s Orange County.

While there, we visited RSABill, Inc. and spoke with Juli Quinn, the President of RSABill.

Over the course of 2 years, RSABill tried 5 different email encryption solutions that were all very cumbersome for her recipients. Frustrated, they asked her to move to another solution.

One day, Juli, President of RSABill, came across the Paubox email footer while emailing a doctor, and she found that Paubox’s seamless nature was exactly what she needed.

RSABill + Paubox Customer Success

Below are time stamps from our conversation:

0:002:04 = About RSABill, Inc. and what medical billing is

2:052:47 = How often insurance errors occur

2:484:46 = What differentiates RSABill from other medical billing services

4:478:12 = One of the biggest challenges in healthcare today

8:1310:12 = RSABill’s workflow before Paubox

10:1312:11 = RSABill’s frustrating experience with their old HIPAA compliant email provider

12:1213:00 = HIPAA compliant Calendar invites through Paubox

13:0113:43 = Concerns when it comes to healthcare security (hacking in the news)

13:4414:51 = The future of the medical billing industry

14:5216:46 = Medical billing’s role within a doctor’s practice

16:4619:39 = RSABill’s ideal customer

About RSABill

RSABill is a medical billing service consisting of specialty divided teams with staff members that are knowledgeable in each practice’s unique codes and processes. They work in groups to ensure every step of the billing process is completed thoroughly.

RSABill is based in the city of Garden Grove in Orange County, California.

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